Drawn Out of Many Waters

Teaching on Abortion by Lou Engle


Psalm 18- The Rescue of the Unborn

By Jonathan Baldwin

David wrote Psalm 18 on the day the Lord delivered him from Saul who had been trying to kill him. However, while in Colorado Springs with Lou Engle’s 50 days of 24/7 prayer for the 50 states, I began to look at this Psalm from the perspective of the unborn.

The cords of death encompassed [them], and the torrents of ungodliness terrified [them]. The cords of Sheol surrounded [them]; the snare of death confronted [them]. In [their] distress [they] called upon the Lord, and cried to [their] God for help; He heard [their voices] out of His temple, And [their] cry for help before Him came into His ears.

-Psalm 18:4-6

In 1973 “The cords of death encompassed” the unborn through the legalization of murder called abortion. Oh how the heart of our Father in Heaven breaks as he hear the cries of these little ones as the lift their voices to Him. Their cries, though seemingly uttered silently to our ears, have been heard perfectly by their Father in Heaven. Jesus said of His Father, “it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish.” (Matt. 18:14) If He desires that not one baby perish how it must pain him to see the death of over 45 million babies in the United Statesalone. He hears their voices even in their silence.

He sent from on high, He took [them]; He drew [them] out of many waters. He delivered [them] from [their] strong enemy, and from those who hated [them], for they were too mighty for [them]- He rescued [them] because He delighted in [them].

-Psalm 18:16,17,19b

Verse 16 is the Heavenly response: just as God did for the baby deliverer Moses (Exodus 2:3-6), He will take them drawing them out of many waters and rescue them because He delights in them. It is the cry of the Father today that these little ones be rescued from the “strong enemy” of abortion. Every day 3,500 babies are killed in this nation. God will rescue the ones He loves whatever the cost!

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