Statement on Dr. George Tiller’s Murder Special May 2009 Update

tillerclinicSunday morning, a tragedy occurred. A man taking justice into his own hands murdered Dr. George Tiller, the Wichita abortionist. I join with every major Pro-LIFE ministry in our nation, including Bound4LIFE, in condemning this murder. It was done in the opposite spirit of the word LIFE written on the piece of tape I wear on my mouth when I pray in silence. In March, I went to Wichita to pray for Dr. Tiller’s salvation. My first reaction, upon hearing of his death, was deep grief. Aside from a miracle of last-minute repentance, Dr. Tiller did not turn and will pay forever for the sin of murdering 80,000 innocent babies.

Sunday morning at 4 am, just a few hours before Dr. Tiller’s death, the Lord moved on the heart of one of our Nightwatch intercessors to pray for the ending of abortion. After she led us in prayer, I went up and continued to pray for LIFE. A powerful time of prayer followed lasting over 45 minutes crying out for mercy on our nation.image003

As we went outside to go home, we were shocked to see a rainbow in the sky. I feel like God is promising us, “I will give you mercy”. On the way to Wichita to stand in prayer at Dr. Tiller’s trial in March, I saw a rainbow too. Even though we are discouraged to see the battle for LIFE in Wichita end with death and murder, I believe God is promising us mercy if we pray. Join me in crying out for the mercy of revival to come to America ending abortion and saving the lost.

meprayingsupremecourt-1We had no idea, obviously, that the very next day, Monday, after this terrible murder we would begin our Summer of LIFE. We are praying silently Monday-Friday from 3-5 pm at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Kansas City. It has been relatively quiet—a surprising relief with the great backlash I feared after the murder. Please keep us in your prayers for protection and strength. Also, pray specifically for my friend and the leader of Bound4LIFE KC. Pray that the Lord would strengthen Him with might.

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