Houses of Prayer: Worshiping the Lord Impacting the Cities of the Earth

ihopsignIt is amazing to watch the Lord’s unfolding of this global prayer and worship movement. I am amazed as I watch new Houses of Prayer being raised up all over this nation: IHOP, Atlanta (now 24/7); The Justice House of Prayer (JHOP) in Washington, DC; The Zadok House of Prayer in Charlotte, NC (16 hours from being 24/7); JHOP, Boston; and many others. With this increased intercession all over the nation, it is no accident that we are now beginning to see the answers to our prayers in the challenge to Roe vs. Wade in South Dakota’s Abortion Ban, the many other states beginning to following suit, and the reordering of the Supreme Court justices last year. (Continued Below)

40 Day Fast Called for the Middle East, for the Ending of Abortion, and for Another Great Awakeningmecca

Four leaders in intercession in this nation: Lou Engle (Director, JHOP, Washington, DC), Mike Bickle (Director, IHOP Missions Base, Kansas City), Dutch Sheets, and Francis Frangipane, have called a 40 day fast March 1st thru April 9th, for the Middle East crisis and the freedom of a billion souls from the vice grip of Islam, the security and salvation of Israel, the shifting of the Supreme Court and the ending of abortion, and for another Great Awakening in our nation.

Crisis in the Middle East

A billion Muslims all over the world are praying five times a day to Allah. We can not comprehend the effects these prayers have feeding this massive principality. The Church must respond with fasting and prayer to contend with the menacing threat of Islamic global domination. The nations of the earth are converging into the greatest conflict in history in Iraq, Iran, and Israel as insidious Islamic jihadists threaten and bully Israel, America and-really-the whole world. As I’m sure you’ve heard, in the recent (Continued Below)

19-weeks“Abortion is Ending Now”

For 33 years, America has lived under the dark cloud of legalized abortion. However, God is shaking the Supreme Court. With the replacement of two Justices last year and the passing of anti-abortion laws in states such as South Dakota we are going to see a showdown like no other in the courts. If the Church will continue to pray, this generation will see the scourge of the death culture and the blight of the national sin of abortion removed from our nation. We must pray for the replacement of a third pro-abortion Justice.

Another Great Awakeningwhitfieldpreaching

In the 1700s history reports of a Great Awakening that swept through the nation. With fiery preachers like George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards, bars were emptied and thousands were converted. must cry out for the Lord to visit us again. My generation has grown up only reading and hearing stories of the first and second Great Awakening. We must labor in prayer and fasting for another Great Awakening. The 40 years of wandering in the (Continued Below)

stpatricks1Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Outreach

Kansas City hosts one of the largest Saint Patrick’s Day parades in the nation with thousands of people coming from all over the country. This year, IHOP had a float entry in the parade containing a large mountain with Ol’ Saint Patrick on top, addressing the crowds with 30-second sermons via a microphone and P.A. system with a worship team and singers. St. Patrick preached the gospel with power and authority receiving a varied response: some were puzzled, some annoyed, some cheered for Jesus, but many seemed to be attentive as the gospel was preached.stpatricks2

United in prayer and fasting an evangelistic force of 200-300 believers from IHOP went out to reach the multitudes along the parade route. We rejoiced with the 40 people who made decisions for Christ. In addition, our teams were able to hand out 9,000 gospel tacks.

Crisis in the Middle East, (Cont. from Top)muslimspraying

Palestinian election, the anti-Israel terrorist group, Hamas, gained a majority in the government of the Palestinian people. This group not only refuses peaceful coexistence with Israel, but also is a terrorist organization that literally calls for the destruction of the nation of Israel in their original charter documents. In addition, with Iran’s pursuit of nuclear reactors, there is a growing, frightening sense that the world is hurtling toward a massive confrontation with the Muslim-dominated nations of the Middle East-a crisis on the same scale as World War II. The only answer to this crisis is the same as it was in the days of Daniel: the praying and fasting of the saints. (Daniel 7-10)

Great Awakening (Cont. from Top)

desert are up and the sound of rain can again be heard in the very-near distance. Even now, we are hearing reports about the rumblings of revival at universities around the nation with prayer meetings taking over campuses. Could another Great Awakening be on the horizon? Could an awakening be approaching our universities and our youth? I believe God is ready to come onto the main stage and history is about to be made.

Impacting Cities (From Top)

In addition to our continual prayer, we are also doing what we were created to do: glorifying God through enjoying Him in worship. I believe as we minister to the Lord, we are impacting the nations. As the apostle Paul said, “But thanks be to God, who…manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place.” (2 Corinthians 2:14).

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