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awakening02On November 11, I arrived at the FSM building at 3 pm for my normally scheduled Justice Program class. To my bewilderment, I found the auditorium filled with over 2,000 people that had spontaneously gathered from all over the Kansas City area. During the 9 am class that morning, led by Allen Hood and Wes Hall (the leaders of our school, IHOPU), the Spirit moved with physical healings, deliverance, and a spirit of joy. I felt the presence of the Lord very strongly almost immediately and knew that something different was happening. Our prayers for the past ten years for revival were beginning to be answered.

That class that began at 9 am continued on until midnight. So, we made the decision to move the Nightwatch to the auditorium and continue ministry through the night as the Holy Spirit led. Personally, I experienced a renewed sense of Father’s love and joy over me as I received prayer and ministered to others. At 6 am, when I went home, I realized that I had been there all day effortlessly in the Lord’s presence for over 14 hours. It seemed like it had been only a couple of hours!!

awakening03Recognizing that the Holy Spirit was moving, we began gathering every week with extended meetings Wednesday through Saturday from 6 pm until midnight. In each of these meetings and via the free webstream, many are being set free from addictions, shame, depression, demonic activity, and every sort of emotional and physical pain. We are rejoicing to see lost souls being added to the kingdom of God almost daily during these meetings.

Testimonies from the Awakening

My Friend Healed of Back Pain and Migraines

Watch the Video Below

My friend, Amy, who is one of the leaders of the Justice Program and a musician on the Nightwatch was recently healed during the Awakening of chronic and debilitating pain. I have been crying out for her healing and am overjoyed at God’s miraculous, instant intervention! Here is her testimony:

The last year has been especially hard for me. I’ve spent hours and hours in bed with chronic back and hip pain as well as migraines. I’ve been on numerous medications and had many visits to my doctor’s office. I’ve had to cut back several of my duties with the Justice Program at IHOPU and have not played my cello consistently since July.

On Wednesday, Nov 11, I was back in bed, around 10pm, not having the strength to go to the prayer room, even after getting several messages that night that powerful things were taking place in the prayer room, including healings. Around 10:30pm, my roommate, Marci, called me and said the Lord told her to come get me and take me to the prayer room. Around 12:30am, there was a mention that the Lord wanted to move in physical healing, I stood and had these same friends gather around me to pray.  One of them began to pray over some areas regarding my sickness and as he prayed over my migraine, I felt a release of pressure and pain. Next, as he prayed over my back, I felt like a string pulled my back up and I was able to sit up straight.  I was still crying but after about 15 minutes, I realized I was pain-free! It’s been over 33 days and I am still pain-free!  I haven’t taken medicine and have been able to live on my normal Nightwatch schedule!  I’m back to playing my cello as well! Healing is something that is a mystery. Regardless of our journey, we make a choice to stand in spite of pain and praise the One who is worthy of all our praise, Jesus Christ.

Awakening Touches Walgreen’s

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A first year IHOPU Student went home for Thanksgiving. He went shopping with his mother at a Walgreen’s drug store. He asked one of the workers to tell him what the best deal of ice cream was. Then, he said to him, “Speaking of good deals, what do you think about Jesus?” The man told him that he had heard the Jehovah’s Witness and Mormon versions of Jesus. The student told him, “its not about a mere historical figure. It’s about a relationship with a man, Jesus.” The conviction of the Holy Spirit touched Him and the man prayed to be saved right there at Walgreen’s.

The student realized that the whole line of people and the cashier had stopped and were listening to the conversation. The manager of the store came out of his office and told him that he had to leave because he was holding up business. The student complied and began to leave, but the cashier stopped him and said to the manager, “No, he can’t leave I have to hear what he is saying!” He began to tell them more about the Lord. The Cashier lady said to him, “Can I pray the same prayer he just did?” She prayed to be saved. She asked for prayer. The student formed a ministry line right there in Walgreen’s with the worker and the cashier and others! As he went to pray he said, “Wait, I can’t pray for you yet. God isn’t finished.”

moretestimoniesRight at that moment h e heard sniffling behind the gum rack. He had been praying for the University of Florida for several months. Two college students on break from the University stood weeping under the conviction of the Lord. He went and laid hands on them and prayed for them. They explained that they were believers but wanted to have fun and were not serving the Lord. They both fell back under the power of God as the baptism of the fire of God hit them. They prayed asking God for more of the fire that they were feeling and re-committed their lives to the Lord. He had to leave, but before he did he saw the worker he had prayed with to be saved earlier. As he looked into the man’s eyes he realized what it meant to be a new creation!

More Testimonies available at IHOPKC’s Special Awakening YouTube

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