Ministering in the Haitian Countryside

This past Sunday, Pastor Jay Threadgill, director of the Fisher’s of Men missions base, sent us out to do ministry about an hour north of Port-au-Prince high up in the mountains. Leah and Nathan, my classmates ministered in a town called Miblais. I went with Christy, a teacher at the school I work at, and Wilner, the manager of the missions base, to a small church deeper in the mountains. When we pulled up, they had already begun singing. I so love the sound of Haitians worshiping Jesus!

An Unwelcomed Guest

As they sang, I saw through the tent a giant spider. I just smiled thinking—I sure enjoy being in the country! The tarantula, the size of my hand, decided that he wanted to worship too. So, he came on in to the service. The congregation didn’t even stop singing. Someone decided that he was not welcome so they stomped on him repeatedly and then kicked him out of the tent. It was quite funny to me!

Singing, Preaching, and Encouraging Believers

Then, I decided I would attempt singing my song Father Hold Me without a piano. It was challenging for sure, but I believe God touched hearts. Then, Christy preached on God’s desire to anoint them to reach their region with the Gospel of Christ. From there, I preached on Jesus becoming a Man at Christmas and embracing our poverty. I ended with rejoicing about the hope we have in the resurrection when Christ will return and we will meet Him in the air. They all rejoiced with me shouting for joy!

After I was done, they gave a call for salvation. Three children and an adult responded. We went over and prayed for them. One little girl had tears in her eyes as I prayed for her. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that He was calling her forth as a Samuel and that sh

e was going to hear the voice of the Lord. God has a powerful call on this little girl’s life!

After that, I went through the congregation prophesying over many. One lady, Viergimene Metelus, I could tell was an intercessor. So, I prayed for her to refreshed and encouraged. I told her not to give up and that her prayers will bear fruit. She asked me to pray for her because a falling mango hit her eye many years ago. Since that time, she has not been able to see out of that eye. Please keep Viergeme and that little girl in your prayers. No doubt God has great plans for them!

After the service, the kids loaded up for a rare truck ride!

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