Moving to Inner City Kansas City

My New Apartment in the Inner City of KC
My New Apartment in the Inner City of KC

In 2007 during my mission trip to Haiti, I saw the hillside dotted with shacks. Towering above them were a few multi-million dollar mansions. My heart was broken over the disparity of the many in the earth, including our own nation, who are so poor that they can barely eat.

On Saturday, June 19th, I am moving to the inner-city of Kansas City. This will begin a one year journey, into discovering God’s heart for the poor and impacting the inner-city through night and day prayer and works of justice (feeding the poor, Pro-LIFE ministry, etc). I will continue to pray in the Nightwatch from midnight to six am, but my home will be about fifteen minutes from our south KC prayer room. I am moving with twelve other Forerunner Justice Program students to live in a predominantly African American neighborhood. There is also a primarily Hispanic neighborhood only a few blocks away. It is one of the poorest neighborhoods I have seen in the states.

On June 22nd, IHOP is starting a new house of prayer called “Hope City” a block away from my apartment. The prayer room will be open for anyone to come in day and night with full worship teams 10am-10pm. Our vision is to build it to 24/7 like our prayer room in south KC, and we will also serve food daily for those in need. I have been asked to start my own worship team at this new house of prayer in the evening.

In April of 2005, Fox News reported a drop in crime around our south KC prayer room. Amazingly, the Kansas City police department credited IHOP for the drop in crime! As we move to this new area of the city, I believe God is going to do nothing less. I believe that night and day prayer is going to bring transformation to this very dark area of our city.

As I go in to this final year of the Forerunner Justice Program, I need three things. First, and most importantly, I need regular prayer. To begin receiving bi-monthly prayer updates, please reply to this email requesting them. Secondly, I need $2,000 for my next semester of ministry training, for moving and other expenses. $400 of this is due by July 31st. Finally, I am in need of more monthly support. Even $10 a month would be such a blessing!

Please consider giving towards God’s desire to bring transformation to the inner-city of Kansas City. If you do not require a tax deduction you can give a special gift easily through Paypal. To set up an automatic $10/month donation through Paypal click here. To set up another monthly amount click here. If you would rather your gift be tax-deductible, due to a lack of secure mailing facilities in the inner city, I need support sent directly to IHOP. Simply mail a check in an envelope clearly marked “For Jonathan Baldwin” to the address below. Because of the amount of mail they receive at this address, no personal correspondence is allowed. Please email me your prayer requests instead. Thank you so much for standing with me as we labor together to see Jesus’ Kingdom come “on earth as it is in Heaven”!

Standing in the Night,

Jonathan Baldwin

FJP students getting training from Lisa Stribling (Director Hope City) preparing us for life in the inner city
FJP students getting training from Lisa Stribling (Director Hope City) preparing us for life in the inner city
My New Neighborhood
My New Neighborhood

Voiceless CD Project Underway

After over two years of waiting, I am recording my CD Project, Voiceless, July 8th-30th. We begin pre-production next week. Many of you have given and prayed for this project. Thank you! It is coming close to being a reality.

Two very experienced musicians will be producing the CD and some of the best musicians and singers at IHOP are playing and singing on the CD. Please keep us in your prayers. Ask God for creativity, an anointing to prophesy, and for the many details to come together. Follow my Twitter for updates. I am expectant believing that God has given me these songs to end abortion and strengthen the church as we near revival.

Potential Production Schedule July 8th-30th

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