TheCall Nashville 7-7-07

Thousands gather for TheCall Nashville 7-7-07

Thousands Gather to LP Field for 12 Hour Solemn Assembly

For twelve hours straight, thousands cried out to God in repentance and hunger for revival and justice to come to our nation. Like Esther long ago, we came before our King believing that we could move the heart of God towards mercy for America. I believe that TheCall has sent shock waves throughout our nation for repentance and revival.

20,000 Silently March to Titan's Stadium

Repentance Walk

20,000 Silently March up Church St. to Titan’s Stadium

The Call began early with a Repentance Walk that shut down city streets in Nashville as a crowd of 20,000 people walked in silent prayer down Church Street, repenting for their sins and the sins of the church. It was a moving moment for me personally as my dad and I made the 2.7 mile trek in silence to Titan’s Stadium. Many, like myself, wore LIFE tape over our mouths crying out for the deliverance of the unborn.

US Senator Sam Brownback Repents to Native American Leaders

US Senator Repents to Native American Leaders

At 10 am we started with repentance to the Native American Peoples. Lately, I have been studying Amos 1:6-13 which describes the evils of four nations in the days of Israel. I have been sobered to discover that our nation has committed these four evils precisely. First, the trail of tears where we “deported an entire population” (Verse 6). Second, the hundreds of covenants that we have broken (Verse 9). Third, the Civil War where brother “pursued his brother with his sword” (Verse 11). Fourth, and most chilling, the Sand Creek massacre where our US Soldiers “ripped open the pregnant women…in order to enlarger [our] b orders” (Verse 13). When the Lord passes judgment He says in each instance, “I will not revoke its punishment.” We must cry our for mercy and repent for the sins of our fathers!

Senator Sam Brownback led out in the repentance. He repented to Native American Christian leaders including Jay Swallow and Nigel Bigpond (pictured). He then told about an official apology he is seeking from the US Government to the Native American people. Other leaders then led us into individual repentance.

Later Senator Brownback repented to African American leaders for slavery and the injustice of segregation. Then, he repented to leaders from the Hispanic community for some of the hurtful and disrespectful ways the Senate debated during the recent immigration debate.

TheCall is not over. Seven more regional Call gatherings are going to lead to TheCall DC on the national mall on 8-8-08 in Washington, DC where we are hoping for a gathering of one million for worship and repentance. For dates and registration please visit

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