Graduating Center for Biblical End Time Studies

Studying the 150 End Time Chapters in the Bible

I finished! With six semesters of hard work and many hours, I (Jonathan) have graduated the Center for Biblical End Time Studies program. This survey course took us through 150 chapters in the Bible that are focused on the end times. My favorite part was jumping into each chapter on my own a few hours a week and seeking to understand the passage grammatically (what is the passage itself actually saying). Honestly, because I studied that way, I came away not mostly with Mike Bickle’s conclusions or convictions but with my own. There were so many things that I saw by studying the passage and putting together the framework with the other passages I was studying for the first time! I am so thankful God gave me this opportunity. Theresa has finished two semester now and is planning on completing the certification herself over the next three semesters. As she is taking the course, she has been asking the Holy Spirit, “How can we begin teaching these things to young children?” And I am asking the Holy Spirit to help me write songs about the coming day of the Lord.

The Word is the only answer for the crisis we are in. Knowing the way Jesus leads is the answer our generation needs right now. If we will take the time to study Jesus’ leadership then we will have an answer as the world continues to spiral into desperation. Thank you for your partnership with Theresa and I as we prepare to be a voice crying out to our generation, “Prepare the way of the Lord!” We cannot do this without you.

An Invitation for You to Jump In With Me This Next Semester!

Would you like to study these passages yourself in depth like that? Maybe, like I was, you are not super consumed with the end times so much but you want to love the Word more? Or maybe you do see the signs of the times and want to know what the Bible tells us about Jesus’ return? Since I have graduated now, they have asked me to lead a small group for an upcoming class that will prepare you with some of our undergirding principles. Around ten of us will meet once a week over Zoom and then the teaching content will be available on demand. After this course, you can decide if you’d like to continue in the Spring the six semester journey through the 150 chapters. The cost for the course this semester is $150 and a portion of that will actually help support Theresa and I’s ministry. If you’d like to participate, please let me know by February 2nd. Feel free to contact me and I can get you the information.

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