Preparing for Mexico Mission Trip

laestacionIn just two weeks, I leave for Mexico July 3rd-17th. We begin flying into Mexico City and driving about two hours south for our first week of ministry in Cuernavaca. I am really excited and have been preparing myself both spiritually and practically for the ministry and learning that is ahead.

Outside of Cuernavaca is an area of immense poverty called La Estación. It is land belonging to an old abandoned train station that many squatters have taken over. Our team will prayer walk La Estación asking the Holy Spirit for insight into the injustice of poverty. While we prayer walk, we will engage in conversation with many of the poor seeking to learn from them. We will also have opportunity as we pray to share the Gospel with many of them. We will take time to journal recording the things God is showing us about this injustice. This will prepare us for the next two years of studying justice in the Justice Program.

laestacion2During the night hours, we will serve a house of prayer in Cuernavaca that began a few years ago. We will lead sets with them from 10pm-4am. We will cry out through the Nightwatch, “God bring forth justice to the poor and oppressed of Mexico”. We will also use this time to pray and process through all that God is showing us during the day.houseofprayer

Strength, grace, and wisdom for our trip leader (and one of my best friends)- David Bush (Eph. 1:17-19)

Protection (esp. on the drive to El Coyote) and Unity for our team (John 17:15,21-23)

-I would remember the Spanish I learned (John 14:26)

-Many open doors to share the Gospel (Colossians 4:13)

Revelation and Insight into God’s heart for justice for the poor and oppressed (Isaiah 42)

Some of the native staff from the house of prayer will join us. I have been learning Spanish worship songs so that I can lead worship in their language. Between High School and College I have taken a and half years of Spanish, but I am certainly rusty and will need lots of help from Jesus! My worship leader at IHOP here in Kansas City has been teaching me the Spanish songs. I recorded her and have been playing them on my iPod over and over and over again!

We will spend our last week in El Coyote. It is a 5-6 hour long drive from Cuernavaca. This rural area is home to some of the poorest of the poor of Mexico. We are going to stay at a Missions Base in El Coyote. We will pray through the night and prayer walk among the poor during the afternoons much like we will in La Estación.

In Mexico, we will play our part in fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord by praying, sharing the Gospel, and preparing ourselves to be Messengers of Justice. Would you help us do our part by praying for us? There has been quite a bit of resistance to this trip. I know the enemy does not want us to go. Could you lift these prayer requests up daily to our Father now and especially July 3rd-17th? Thank you so much. I can’t do my part without your help!

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