A Peculiar Gathering of People

Recently we had a spontaneous two weeks of special services. What made these special services unique is the five leaders that came and gathered with us from very different streams of the body of Christ. Each leader on their own accord spontaneously decided to come spend some time in the prayer room here in Kansas City and most brought their families as well. Then, with very little planning or schedule, we held 5 special services each Thursday through Sunday for two weeks.

What most struck me (Theresa) about these weekends is that we were seeing a real answer to prayer for God to unify His church and gather His people together and for believers to abound in love for one another. There were even moments on stage that the leaders clearly didn’t agree with one another about certain points, but could still stand in full agreement with one another about the essential elements of the Gospel of Jesus. Jesus’ body includes many different expressions, and that is ok. There was even one particular leader that annoyed me at times, and it opened my eyes to an area of the church that I didn’t have a lot of love for and don’t always pray for. Francis Chan at one point said he could find something to disagree with each of the leaders on stage that could cause a break in the relationship of the body of Christ, but he chose not to because he didn’t want to sever the body. We saw the importance of drawing together with all believers who profess the name of Jesus in this day and hour as darkness is increasing and the day of Jesus’ return approaches. We set our hearts to learn from each other all weekend in spite of differences. It was a beautiful weekend, and I eagerly anticipate seeing more of what God will do as we continue to pray for the church to unify, to abound in love—the same love that the Father, Son, and Spirit share coming together to fulfill God’s purposes in the earth.

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