The Prayer Room Begins Broadcasting on GOD TV

prayerroomIn Africa, in Asia, in Europe, in America people are being led in prayer and worship thru television and the internet by teams at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Monday, May 29th, we began broadcasting in the window of midnight to six am over GOD TV and 24/7 on our webstream. We feel like God has given us the unique historic responsibility of helping to lead the earth in prayer.

The Night Watch is being broadcast on GOD TV in America. Right now you can catch us from 3-5 am. From 5-6 am our Prayer Room Morning Devotionals are instructing many into hour long prayer times praying for lost relatives, the government, (Continued Below)

A Fishin’ Story: “I Caught Two Big Ones!”

So, I’ve taken up a new sport: fishin’! Recently I got a new pole, license, and some lures together and went to Longview Lake about 10 minutes down the road from me. I threw out my bobber and opened up the Scriptures to study and relax. However, a man smoking something, walking with a girl kissing and hugging her, came and stood about ten feet from me. His girlfriend called out to him to leave me alone. He called back to her with some profanity.

I said hi and began to engage the man, Dre’, in conversation. I have been listening to one of my favorite preachers, John Piper about how he evangelizes while he takes his morning walks. So, as his girlfriend, Brittney, came over joining him, I asked if I could pray for them. They agreed. I prayed a simple prayer and when I had finished Dre’ asked me, “Do you think it is the End of the Age? Do you think Jesus is coming back soon?” I was shocked and couldn’t believe the open door the Spirit was putting before me. I told him I did and shared with him the restoration of Israel as a nation and the re-establishing of Jerusalem. Then I asked him, “What do you think?” He said, “Well, I think so too, (Continued Below)

Prayers Answered: Justice for Human Traffickers in Kansas City & Minneapolis


More about Justice for Those Enslaved by Human Trafficking

Since February of this year God has gripped our hearts for the four million or so that are forced into prostitution every year worldwide. I have been shocked to discover that in America there are currently at least 2.4 million children exploited in the sex industry. Recently the Lord released justice for the oppressed in Kansas City and Minneapolis. In Kansas City sixteen local businesses and homes were raided rescuing many women who are receiving shelter, food, and counseling. We began to pray, “God You brought justice in Kansas City; now begin to expose human trafficking in other cities!” In Minneapolis, MN a human trafficking bust was made involving eight brothels and twenty-five perpetrators. This trafficking ring exploited women in the most brutal ways. We are seeing some huge answers to prayer, a clear sign that this issue is deeply on God’s heart–His heart is broken over these victims every day. Please join us and the Great Intercessor in Heaven–Jesus–as we pray for justice for the oppressed in this nation.

Prayer Room, continued

world missions, Israel, and other prayer burdens.

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Last week, I was praying for the Supreme Court justices that God would shake their hearts with His word. I began to pray specifically for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a pro-death judge. Suddenly a thought entered my mind: What if she’s watching? My insides shook at the potential that if she had satellite television she could be flipping through channels and could land on GOD TV and be watching my very prayer for her. It definitely encouraged me to be meek and humble in my prayers for her.

Another night at 3 am during a “Worship with the Word” set the singers began to sing the salvation message. We were singing phrases from Psalm 103 about God’s redemption and mercy. I know many flipping through the channels could have stopped and heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Who knows how many heard and responded to the Lord right there? I suppose we will only know the full impact that we are making when we stand before the Lord on the last day.

I have also been thinking about the terminally ill and those suffering in hospital rooms in the middle of the night. They can turn on the TV and be comforted by the Holy Spirit as our prophetic singers sing the Bible over them and intercessors pray over them during our intercession meetings.

Fishing Story, continued

and I think President Bush is the Anti-Christ.” I laughed and explained to him from Daniel 9 about the abomination of desolation in the temple and the treaty that the Anti-Christ will make with Israel. I explained that President Bush had not done any of those things. I told him, “Remember what I am telling you because when you see these things, you will know that this man is the Anti-Christ.” He nodded his head. Suddenly a snake came slithering by. I pointed the snake out to them. They jumped and almost went running–I told them not to worry that he would leave us alone if we left him alone. I told them I had pointed it out to them as a sign saying that Satan came as a snake in the Garden of Eden. They were amazed!

Dre’ asked me another question, “When is the resurrection of the dead? Will I answer to the Lord for the wrong things that I have done?” I explained to him, “After the Anti-Christ comes, those who have believed in Jesus and made Him the Lord of their lives will be resurrected and will rule and reign with Christ for 1,000 years. Then, those who did not believe in Jesus will be resurrected and will appear before The Great White Throne Judgment. Then, they will spend eternity in Hell forever.” A look of anguish came over his face. He said, “That really scares me.” I replied, “It should scare you.” He went on to explain about his life and how he was not living for God but how he grew up in church. I asked him, “Would you like to repent, turning from the lifestyle that you are living, and make Jesus your Lord?” He said, “I am scared that I will not follow through with what I say.” I responded, “If you will repent today and commit to make Jesus Lord of your life then He really will help you to live righteously. Are you ready to do that today?” He said, “Yes, man, I really think I am.” I then looked over at his girlfriend who had said little the whole time and asked, “What about you?” She said she wanted to as well. They bowed their

As they prayed, two ducks began to swim towards my fishing line. One of the ducks cleared my line but the other was not so blessed. His little legs got tangled in the line and he went flying all over the lake stuck! Startled my two friends went running. I reeled the poor duck in and started working to untangle his feet. I called to them to come and help me. So Dre’ sent Brittney to help me! I untangled the poor duck and he flew off relieved to be free from my 10 pound cast line. Brittney and Dre’ said they had to go. So, I invited them to our 24/7 Prayer Room at IHOP and told them I would be praying for them. Please pray for Brittney and Dre’ that they would turn from their sin completely and follow Jesus Christ.

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