Transitioning to a Day Schedule — Celebrating 12 & 7 Years of Serving in the Nightwatch

Transitioning to a Day Schedule

2015 Year End Report

We are celebrating twelve years for Jonathan and seven years for Theresa of serving Jesus by praying through the night. After praying and talking to our leaders this past year, we have decided to transition our schedule to praying during the day. It has been an honor to exalt Jesus in the middle of the night when so much wickedness is happening all over the earth. Over the past years, we have seen amazing things! Here are a few of our favorite stories:

The Transcendence of Prayer: Kansas City Unified with Haiti

Right after the devastating 2010 Earthquake struck Haiti, we began a weekly prayer meeting for this nation. A team from IHOPKC went to Haiti shortly after the earthquake. One particular prayer meeting in Kansas City, we began to sing and shout, “grace, grace” over Haiti. We discovered through texting with the team that at the exact same time we were shouting, “grace, grace” a large 2,000 person prayer meeting in Haiti was shouting the exact same thing over their nation.

Mercy in the Night During Hurricane Katrina

“A puff of dry air” from the Midwest weakened Hurricane Katrina

On the night before Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, we were crying out for God to spare New Orleans specifically asking for the hurricane to be weakened. Later, we ran into this Associated Press article: “Devastating as Katrina was, it would have been far worse but for a puff of dry air that came out of the Midwest, weakening the hurricane just before it reached land and pushing it slightly to the east.” We know that our prayers in the Midwest played a part in God sending that “puff of dry air”!

Pro-LIFE Legislation Enacted by a Drunk Governor

One night I (Jonathan) began to pray from Lamentations 2:19, “Arise, cry aloud…at the beginning of the night watches. Pour out your heart…lift up your hands to Him for the life of your little ones…” I began to lift up my hands weeping for the aborted little ones. I was suddenly touched with a desire to pray for Mexico.

In July 2009, on a mission trip to Morelos, Mexico, I heard an incredible story. The Mexican ministry leaders were inspired by the Silent Siege we do in America praying with red tape over our mouths for LIFE. Feeling led to do the same, they prayed in front of their capitol building. A while later, Morelos’ pro-abortion governor was drunk. While drunk, he accidentally signed into law an irreversible measure banning abortion for several years! As I compared the timetable, I realized it was the same time I had been praying in Kansas City. God took our prayers in Kansas City and theirs in Mexico and released justice for the unborn!

What is Next for the Baldwins?

Hope City Serving the Poor in the Inner City

As we transition to a day schedule, we are excited to increase our involvement in a few ministries. We are excited to be more involved in Hope City, IHOPKC’s ministry to the inner city. We will be a part of feeding the hungry, helping the addict get set free, and keeping a night and day prayer room in the highest area of crime in Kansas City.

LIFE Mandate Anna Club – Prayer Meetings in Nursing Homes / Silent Prayer Sieges

Recently, in Illinois, we met with a group of elderly ladies who have been praying for 43 years! They were excited to hear about the Anna Club!

God has given us a vision for the other side of the LIFE mandate—the elderly. We are going to start prayer meetings in nursing homes telling the elderly, “You still have a purpose. No matter what your physical condition, you can change history through prayer.” Pray for us as we begin!

We are going to continue prayer outside of an abortion clinic in Kanas City for LIFE. As we have prayed through the years we have seen God move all over our nation in answer to prayer.

Haiti Raising Up Night and Day Prayer Among the Poor

Chris, our Haitian friend, has been helping us start a business for Jeff selling cell phone airtime

We are excited to continue serving in Haiti. We are committed to building the prayer movement and seeing the poor of Haiti singing until Jesus returns! One ministry before us is a young twenty year old, Jeff, that Jonathan began sponsoring when Jeff was five years old. Recently, we put forward some investment money to help him start a business selling cell phone airtime. With the help of Chris, a recent Haitian graduate from our Nightwatch internship, we are helping Jeff learn to manage the money he makes and re-invest it to buy more airtime. Please pray for Jeff, Chris, and us as we work to see this Haitian young man raised up to be a leader in Haiti. Also, if you’d like to give to specifically help Jeff let us know!

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