Praying at Night at Our Inner City Prayer Room Hope City

In June of this year, I moved with my thirteen other classmates to inner city Kansas City to learn about justice and pioneer IHOP’s new prayer room and outreach center, Hope City. Four weeks ago, we broke ground praying at night for the first time ever at Hope City. The Forerunner Justice Program students are praying from Midnight-4am every Monday night. The prayer meetings have been full of energy and fervency. Since we have real faces in our minds, there is a real cry of desperation as we pray.

Because we are such a small group, as we pray, we have even asked by name for individual neighbors and children that we have been interacting with. We are seeing the answers to our prayers. God has been opening the hearts of the children in our neighborhood. I think they are the key to revival.

Leading the Nightly Prayer Meetings

As Forerunner Justice Program students, we all have a ministry assignment. My assignment is leading the nightly prayer meetings. I govern every aspect of the meetings including worship teams and our briefing times. I am growing so much as a leader. I feel like God has called me to start Nightwatches in Haiti and other places all over the earth. I feel like this is the beginning of this aspect of the call of God on my life coming forth.

Leading a Worship Team in the Evenings

In July, I began worship leading at Hope City. My worship team is going really well. I am enjoying getting to lead prayer meetings for the inner city on Tuesdays 6-8pm and Wednesdays 8-10pm. We pray for the inner city crying out for the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon His church and send revival to Kansas City.


My associate worship leader and roommate Nathan
My associate worship leader and roommate Nathan

My team is incredible. For leading at a house of prayer that started just a few months ago, I have really strong musicians and singers. My roommate, Nathan, is my associate worship leader. We are always having fun, both when we are leading and at home! He has a similar personality as me in that he is usually happy and joyful. I love it!

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