Prophesy Fulfilled: Youth Ministry in West Virginia

youngpeopleI was fifteen years old and just beginning to turn my life back to the Lord. For two years, I had been serving in children’s ministry but had no thought of music. Suddenly, I was with my mom at a conference and a prophet spoke this word to me from the Lord:

Music, music, music…I just heard music… God says there’s music in you and He’s going to bring it forth. I heard the Lord say it’s not going to be conventional. But it’s going to be what He’s given you. And I heard the Lord say that He’s putting your signature on it. It’s your style. And He says, “I’m going to take that style and I’m going to mold it into a framework where young people are going to get excited about the things of God.” He’s going to use you as an instrument. He says He’s going to use you as a tool for harvest. Father, I thank You that You’ve made him a harvest instrument, a threshing instrument having teeth for the glory of God (See Isaiah 41:15,16).

At my dad’s insistence, I began learning the guitar and a couple of years later, because of another prophetic word the same night, began learning piano.

This past Sunday, this prophecy was fulfilled. In West Virginia, as I led worship for the youth, I sang my song “Something to Live For, Something to Die For”. I felt a tug in my spirit to share the story of how I wrote the song. I was nineteen years old and after watching a movie about the martyrs of old, I opened my Bible to Revelation 6:9-11. As I sat at my parent’s piano, I cried out the Lord in song, “Give me something to live for, give me something to die for!” After I told the story, I told the young people that this generation is longing for abandonment. The Holy Spirit’s power was present as I shared, so the pastor and visiting prophets called the youth up for prayer. I told the youth from Isaiah 44:5,20, that they had a lie in their right hand. I told them th at they must let go of their idols and write upon their right hand, “Belonging to the Lord”. Then, one by one, I personally ministered to each of the youth. I do not fully know what is next, but I was so excited to see the Word of the Lord come to pass in my life! I am returning to this church June 11th-13th to lead worship at a conference geared towards greater boldness in evangelism.

Testimonies from the Youth

“I have never felt the presence of God so much in my entire life!” –Mikayla, 16

“I made a commitment to start going back to youth group.”  -Patience, 16

“I was on the prayer line thinking about a particular problem I am having and at that exact moment, someone came up to me and started praying for that exact thing!”  -Heather, 16

“Jonathan Baldwin pretty much prayed over me exactly what is going on in my life and what I am struggling with…being set apart and different from the world hurts sometimes. I really felt the Lord touch me. I was shaking all over.” –Becky, 15

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