Hopeless Diagnosis Reversed After Kids Pray

Little Richy Clark was given a death sentence from doctors but, miraculously, he went from death to life! Richy and Jessica Clark’s son’s condition degenerated to near death. They had given up hope. However, the International House of Prayer and Children’s Equipping Center family rallied around them, believing God could restore little Richy’s life. For weeks, as my Sunday kids worship team led, the children cried out in prayer even recording their prayers so that they could be played where little Richy could hear them. Suddenly, one day he woke up hungry. Take a few minutes to watch this incredible testimony of the impact that God is making through the prayers of our kids! I am still blown away at what God did!

Equipping Kids as Singers & Musicians

Last month, I served in our summer camp equipping children from all over the world. For two different weeks of our Signs and Wonders Music Camp, I led two teams every day that played for an hour each.  I taught the musicians how to flow as one, to prophesy on their instruments, and to serve the singers and intercessors. I also taught prophetic singers how to sing spontaneously from prayers the way I have been for the past nine years. It was amazing to watch the children grow in boldness and confidence throughout the week. I desire to see this next generation pick up the torch and continue the work of night and day prayer all over the world. My team alone had kids that had flown in from Egypt, South Africa, and England. No doubt, the kids returned home with a greater passion to serve Jesus with their musical talents.

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