Awakening at IHOP

100_4291On November 11th, at 9:00 in the morning, the Holy Spirit showed up in an unusual way to an IHOPU class (the university here at IHOP).  Students were delivered from self-hatred, fear, past wounds, and many were healed physically.  The initial prayer meeting from this class lasted over 15 hours. I would not call it revival, but rather an awakening that is taking place here in Kansas City, MO and college campuses and locations around the world that have tuned in via web-stream.  It is a time of refreshing, renewal, and revelation of the Father heart of God.  Since this initial day, we have moved the prayer room over to the large FSM auditorium (where church and IHOPU is located) 4 nights a week from 6pm-midnight for awakening services.

What is God doing in my heart?

I have had the privilege to be serving in the background for much of these awakening services and during the NightWatch, when the Holy Spirit continues to minister to people in special ways.  I feel God speaking to me about this being a time of training and equipping in wisdom and discernment. He is also teaching me how to carry my heart, lead, and serve well in the midst of future revival and trials.  I am also learning how to continually talk to the Lord as I serve and stay in the background.  I am learning how to carry my heart with humility and open to the move of the spirit.  I am grateful for what God is doing in my heart, even as it is hard sometimes.  I am encouraged as I  teach the 3-5 years olds about who the Holy Spirit is and how the Holy Spirit lives to glorify the man Jesus Christ.  They are so open to walking in the ways of the Lord, and ask amazing questions. I have been strengthened and encouraged as I see with my own eyes people set free emotionally and also healed physically.

My brother, Mark, recently moved to Kansas City also
My brother, Mark, recently moved to Kansas City also

God has been burdening my heart with a great hunger for Him and to pray for souls to come into the Kingdom.  He is also giving me boldness and breaking much fear and shame in my own heart.  The things of this world do not compare with Jesus.  I become more unsatisfied for anything less than the fullness of what it will be like when Jesus returns and God comes to dwell with man forever.  This is bringing me to a place where I am so hungry for more of God!

100_4256Clothes Drive

Our first clothes drive went better than we expected- we had so many clothes donated!  We had more clothes than a small thrift store.  Many department stores were generous in giving us hangers and racks.  We plan to do a clothes drive at least every 6 months, and we are prayerfully considering a clothes bank in the future.  We will continue to seek God’s heart.  The Top picture is Everyone on my prayer team- I am so blessed by each person!

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