McCorvey vs. Hill Abortion Case

normaOn January 18th the Supreme Court received Norma McCorvey’s (the Roe of Roe vs. Wade) Writ of Certiorari to re-open her case as McCorvey vs. Hill. On Friday the 18th of this month the judges will decide whether they will hear this case. We should know the outcome by the 22nd. I will send the outcome to my e-mail list as soon as I know something. At the International House of Prayer we are fighting this battle where it has to be won first, in the heavens. Mike Bickle, director of the IHOP Missions Base, said that IHOP will focus prayer on these two things: an historic outpouring of the Holy Spirit in America and the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

image004-1Justice Prayer Meetings

This month I joined the Section Leadership Team on the Night Watch and am now leading small “Justice Prayer Meetings” in our Americas Great Commission Room with people from our internship, Fire in the Night. Praying from 12-1 am five days a week, these prayer meetings are giving opportunity to interns that want to pray but might be too timid to pray in front of the 100+ people in our corporate Night Watch meetings.image005-1 Each day we have been taking two Supreme Court justices and praying for them. We have been praying while they are sleeping that they would have dreams convicting their hearts and that these justices would take the McCorvey vs. Hill case.

Worship Team and Music Classes

playingpianoLast week I started playing piano and singing on a new worship team. As I have mentioned before, at IHOP we desire to unite worship and prayer in order to sustain long prayer meetings (like six hours a day!). So, my role as a musician is really important to sustaining the 24/7 nature of the house of prayer. We begin each prayer meeting with a few known worship songs and then the intercessors in the room are able to pray a prayer from the Bible. Going back and forth between the intercessors and the singers, the intercessor pauses several times allowing us to sing spontaneously related to what they have prayed. It helps create corporate unity as we sing their prayer and the whole room gets caught up singing it with us.

image007This month I began a Fundamentals of Music Theory Class for the musicians on the Night Watch. It has been good to be able to teach this group that is so hungry to learn more about their instruments. It is also good to see my Associates Degree in Piano put to use! Teaching the basics of classical music theory, I am hoping that this class will train musicians and singers (see I Chr. 25:7) to minister to the Lord in the Night Watch with musical excellence. This class is free-of-charge since many of the other missionaries on the Night Watch would have trouble affording the class if I were to charge.

Thank you again for your continued financial and prayer support. It is enabling me to impact the nation and the cities of the earth through prayer.

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