We Are Pregnant! / Onething Conference Unifies Believers

DSC_1751We Are Pregnant!

January 2016

We are happy to announce that we are going to have a child around the first week of August. We are excited to raise children in the house of prayer. We have our first prenatal appointment this Thursday where we will get to hear the heartbeat for the first time.

Onething Conference Unifies Believers

Catholic Track

This year, we hosted over 150 Catholic believers among the over 15,000 that attended. They joined our morning and evening sessions and in the afternoon had their own track with teaching and prayers. I (Jonathan) worked in the bookstore this year so I was not able to attend most of the conference. However, I did attend a couple hours of the Catholic track. I was so moved when one of the monks from England shared that the same Spirit that is on the singing of the Psalms that Catholics do in the daily office is on our prayer room at IHOPKC. It made me realize that what we are doing is part of a much larger prayer movement transcending denominations and traditions.

Francis Chan beginning his message with prayer - Shelley Paulson Photography
Francis Chan beginning his message with prayer – Shelley Paulson Photography

Head of the Southern Baptists

In addition, one of our main session speakers was Ronnie Floyd, the head of the Southern Baptist Convention. It was so moving to hear him call for fasting and prayer in response to the desperate state of our nation. Though Catholics, Southern Baptists and other denomination’s doctrines might not line up 100% we came to together knowing that we could unify in prayer. It was amazing to hear so many diverse voices in the body of Christ. We do need each other! It was amazing to see 100 people come to know the great salvation that Jesus offers us the final night of the conference as evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and his team spoke.

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