Mission Trip to Haiti

globe_haitiDecember 5th-17th, 2007

Since August 14th, 1791 darkness has largely prevailed over the Caribbean nation of Haiti. On this date, several African Slaves gathered together for a Voodoo Ceremony at Bois Caïman, Haiti, sacrificing a pig and committing their island to Satan in exchange for victory over their French oppressors. With supernatural help, it seems, these slaves defeated the entire French military, driving them back to Europe forming the Republic of Haiti in 1804.

haitiWhen I was 16 years old, the Lord called me to Haiti. As I read about the people and the darkness that prevailed over the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, my heart broke for them, longing to share the love of Jesus with these hungry, desperate people. I quickly signed up for a mission trip to Haiti with Teen Mania Ministries in 2000. However, due to political unrest, my trip was moved from Haiti to Panama.twohaitiangirls

December 5th-17th, after seven years of waiting, God has opened a door for me to go to Haiti. A team of fourteen people from IHOP will seek to refresh and strengthen the spiritual leadership, and help train and equip intercessors at a house of prayer.  As I prayed about the trip, I felt like the Lord said, “You were not ready to go to Haiti when you were 16, but now you are.” After meeting  the leader of the trip, James Adams, a native Haitian, my heart was deeply connected with his vision: “to establish the righteousness of God in Haiti through the spoken Word.”I am in need of $1,800 for my airfare to Haiti, meals for the Haitian leaders during the conference, and other trip expenses. Would you help me see the nation of Haiti changed through the Word of God and prayer by giving a special gift above or by praying for my trip?

Pastor’s Conference-Equipping Leaders for Haiti

On this trip we desire to refresh the broken, tired, and weary spiritual leadership of Haiti, empowering them to do the work of ministry and evangelism in their own nation. Hundreds of Christian leaders from all over Haiti will be attending our three day conference in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. The theme of the conference will be building their lives upon the rock of the revelation of Christ (Matthew 16:16-18) and washing themselves clean from unrighteousness and compromise (Isaiah 1:18-19) as many Haitian Christian leaders are living a double life of Voodoo and Christianity. James Adams and our team will be teaching the leaders. Afterwards, our team will spend extended time talking and praying with each of the leaders with the help of translators.preachers

I will be leading worship for the conference along with another member of the team. We are going to try to do mixed Haitian Creole and English worship. Over the next few months I will be learning Creole songs and translating some of my own songs into Creole. It is certainly a big challenge, but we are making considerable progress.

We are going to be feeding all of the leaders who are coming to the conference so that none will be hindered from attending, since the average income is only $1,800 a year. During these three meals a day, we will eat with them to fellowship and encourage them.


Evangelism/Ministry to the Orphans & Poor

We are also going to visit an orphanage and preach in the mountains of Haiti while we are there. One of James’ friends in Haiti runs an orphanage for some of the many orphans of Haiti. They desperately need the Father to touch them. We will spend a day in this orphanage holding and loving the kids. I am really looking forward to this part!! We will also visit some of the poorest parts of Haiti taking the Gospel of the Kingdom with us as we go.

Meeting my Compassion Child!!girlriver

After my disappointment of not getting to go to Haiti when I was a teenager, the Lord led me to begin to sponsor a child in Haiti named Jeff through Compassion International. The Lord promised me that He would provide the money every month for it (that is a scary commitment to make when you are a teenager without a job!) Through the help of some of James’ friends and the Compassion Staff, I am going to try to meet Jeff after six years of writing letters and being a part of his life through sowing financially into his spiritual, physical, and scholastic development. I am so excited and I know, once he finds out, he is going to be even more excited than I am!! Please pray with me that all the details will get worked out.

Planned Itinerary

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House of Prayer Conference-Training Intercessorsyoungmen

At the end of our trip we will be holding a conference in Croix des Bouquets (Quadebouke) for Haitians desiring to staff the House of Prayer there called The Rock (www.ihophaiti.org). Three sessions a day will teach the model and the truths and values that have sustained 24/7 prayer at IHOP in Kansas City for eight years. We are also going to help with structural changes to the facility. Furthermore, as leaders in prayer will be coming from all over the nation, we will gather more information about the prayer movement in Haiti. We firmly believe that prayer is the only hope for change in Haiti. This conference will help train intercessors to pray night and day changing the atmosphere over Haiti and reversing the curse put upon this people so long ago.

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