IHOP Prayer Room Broadcasted Worldwide to Over 500 People Daily

IHOP Prayer Room Web CastAll over the world people are joining us in prayer and worship via our new Web Cast. In addition, about 30 houses of prayer supplement their prayer meetings by projecting ours when they do not have worship teams available. It has amazed me to think that when my worship team is leading a set that there are sometimes hundreds joining us even beyond what we can see in the prayer room.

Recently, as I was leaving our Encountering God Service, a lady thanked me for leading a worship set. However, this time it was different than the usual thank you. She was at home and tuned in to the web cast. As I was leading at IHOP I began to feel an unusual burden to prophesy in song during the middle of one of my worship songs. I began to sing out of Isaiah 35, “Behold your God will come.” She said that it was exactly what she had been dealing with and thanked me for singing. It is amazing to think that my burden for singing this wasn’t even for anyone in the room, but was for a women watching over the internet. Who knows what the Lord could be doing all over the world through this web cast with stories we won’t hear until eternity?

Standing in Prayer for LIFE at Planned Parenthood in Lufkin, Texas

Silent Prayer Siege

Planned Parenthood, Lufkin, TX

Tuesday, August 22nd

9-10 am

After praying this past month, I have decided to pray again this year outside of the Lufkin Planned Parenthood. We will, like last year, be praying in silence with red tape over our mouth that says LIFE identifying with the silent cries of over 4400 babies that are killed every day in this nation through abortion. With the partial birth abortion ban coming before the Supreme Court this fall, with South Dakota deciding in November whether or not to outlaw abortion and with the Supreme Court’s deciding whether to hear the Doe v. Bolton Abortion Case next month, the church must be prevailing in prayer over this issue. For those that live in the East Texas ar ea, I would encourage you to join us in prayer at the Lufkin Planned Parenthood and to spread the word to others who might be interested.

Please pray for me as I lead this Silent Prayer Siege and minister in Lufkin. Thank you again for your prayers and support! I could not do this ministry without you!

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