The Call of God on the Black Community

eddiejamesOver the past few months, there has been a focus on the call of God on the Black Community for prayer. In November of last year, Eddie James, a nationally recognized worship leader and songwriter in the black community, relocated his entire ministry and staff from Alabama to join IHOP staff. He and his worship team are now leading several sets during the week. They have added a whole new dynamic to our prayer room.

At our annual young adults’ conference, Onething, this past December, Will Ford, Eddie James, Mike Bickle, Stuart Greaves, and several other leaders shared some things they had heard from the Lord concerning the black community. Will Ford, who leads a ministry based in Dallas, Texas, had a dream. In the dream he heard the Lord say, “out of hip-hop into IHOP”, meaning that the Lord is going to bring the black community out of the culture of hip-hop into the prayer rooms of America. We are starting a new department of IHOP focused on this.

In the Night Watch we have focused two of our weekly prayer meetings on the black community. A local African American pastor joins us for these meetings. Stuart Greaves, director of the Night Watch at IHOP, has a particular burden for the Nation of Islam. This a radical sect of Islam that Malcom X sprung out of. We believe that God wants to call many out of the Nation of Islam into a relationship with Jesus.

I am so stirred by these developments since IHOP is located in a predominantly African American neighborhood. Please be praying with us as we try to walk out this mandate with wisdom and clarity.

James Adams Feeds the Poor in Haitihaiti-1

Conditions for the poor in Haiti have escalated greatly in severity this past month. The price of food has almost doubled. Because of a lack of food, many have resorted to rioting in the streets, some even seeking to overthrow the unstable government. Because of armed robberies at so many of the markets, they were all shut down preventing Haitians access to bare necessities. They are open again, but because of the prices, most cannot afford it.

haiti02James Adams, the leader of the December trip to Haiti, went to Haiti this past week to lead a Pastor’s Summit with 100 of the pastors that came to our conference this past December. Feeling pain in our hearts for the poor of Haiti, many from the Night Watch sent aid down to the pastors so they could feed their families. Please keep these pastors and the nation of Haiti in your prayers. Though the food price rise is affecting the whole world including our own nation, it is especially affecting Haiti, the poorest nation in the northern hemisphere.

If you would like to get more information on how you can partner with James Adams and his ministry visit his website.

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