Behold My Servant – The Current Social Justice Crisis

A cry is sounding in the earth for justice.

From the political realm to universities to Hollywood a social justice movement is amassing for the poor and oppressed of the earth. It calls for all the religions of the world to put aside their differences and unite under the common goal of justice for the poor.

The present social justice movement is preparing the poor of the earth to receive the Antichrist. Giving out food, medicine, and supplies with humanism at its core, deep deception lies beneath this movement. It will crescendo into a worldwide religion devoid of the true Messiah, Jesus. It will be a man-centered religion that will lead multitudes to an eternity without Jesus.
mexicoshackWhat is the answer? Will the poor of the earth be swept away in this deception? The answer to this pending crisis is found in Isaiah 42:1, “Behold My Servant”. The Father has a solution–It is His Son, Jesus.”…He will bring forth justice to the nations.” The answer for the poor and oppressed of the earth is the Justice of the Servant of the Lord, Jesus.

The Father is calling messengers of justice to prepare the poor of the earth for the soon coming of His Son. He will see to it that these messengers of justice fill the earth proclaiming the beauty of His Son. They will feed the poor, give out medicine, and other things, but the centerpiece of all that they do will be the proclamation of Who this Man Jesus is. They will give the poor of the earth the true “Bread from Heaven” (John 6:50,51) that gives eternal life.mexico2004

I know that this is who the Lord has called me to be. Not only to address the issue of global poverty, but also abortion and human trafficking. The Father is calling me to search out the beauty of His Son and prepare the earth for the coming of His Servant, Jesus. I am certain that He is coming soon to confront all of the injustice of the earth and make every wrong thing right. Come Lord Jesus!

While I was in Haiti in 2007, after three intense days of leading worship in Haitian Creole at a Pastor’s Conference, I had a day to rest. Sitting inside the missionary hotel, I looked out into Port-au-Prince. Covering the mountainside I saw small shacks where many Haitian people lived. Then, I looked further into the distance. Towering over the shacks were a few, massive million-dollar mansions. As I considered the injustice, I wept. I do not fully understand all that the Lord was doing in my heart then. However, I do know that God is adding the poor of the earth to the burden He has given me for justice.

This summer, God is calling me to the first step of a two-year journey as a student in the Justice Institute, a school beginning this year on the NightWatch at IHOP. As an orientation, I am going with a team of ten people to Cuernavaca, Mexico on a mission trip July 3rd-16th. Keeping our NightWatch schedule, we will minister to the poor in the afternoons then pray and worship from midnight to six am. In 2004, I went on a mission trip to Acuña, Mexico witnessing to the poor in this border town. I am looking forward to returning to this desperate nation again bringing the hope of Jesus.mexico

When I get back, I will take classes in the afternoons and will continue, as I have been for the past five years, singing and praying from midnight to six. The classes will equip me with a Biblical understanding of justice, giving me a Scriptural response to the systemic injustices of our day such as abortion, human trafficking, racism, and global poverty. In order to work this understanding out, two years from now, our final semester will end with three-month’s field experience in a situation with injustice. I have requested the poverty of Haiti as my situation. After these three months, I will return to Kansas City and write a one hundred page thesis on my Biblical Theology of Justice.

I am excited at what these next two years hold for me. God is going to do so much! However, I cannot do this ministry alone. I need people to partner with me in prayer and financial support. For the mission trip to Mexico and my first semester of the Justice Institute, I need a total of $4,200. However, I raised $1,200 already to go to Haiti last year and the trip was canceled. So, I just need $3,000 total. I need $500 by May 15th and the remainder by June 15th. Would you ask the Lord if He wants you to give, impacting the poor of Mexico and equipping me for the years of ministry God has ahead for me? Thank you for your consideration. May the Lord strengthen you with His might and grace.

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