Praying for Justice at IHOPKC


This month, we began to focus our prayer meetings on asking God to bring justice to specific worldwide issues. We are crying out to God on a specific topic each day of the week.

Poor and Suffering – Sunday

We begin Sundays praying for the poor and suffering. One thing we are targeting is the inner city. This is close to my heart because I moved to the inner city two years ago to serve at the Hope City prayer room IHOP-KC started. Also, when natural disasters strike nations, we will target them with our prayers (such as the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan or the Tsunami in Myanmar).

Human Trafficking – Mondaykidsbehindbars

Slavery did not end in the 1800s. More humans are enslaved today than during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of the 1800s. Most are enslaved as women and children in sex trafficking. This gruesome reality will only end through a continual cry for justice from the prayer movement. We are taking Mondays to focus our prayers on ending human trafficking in Kansas City and all over the world.

Wars and Civil Conflict – Tuesday

Since the early days of IHOP-KC, we have focused Tuesday’s prayers on Israel. We are now additional praying concerning worldwide civil conflict, such as racial conflict in Sudan and Egypt, and Islamic terrorism.

Organized Crime – Wednesdayugandachild

Since 1987, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has forced 60,000-100,000 Ugandan children to fight in the army by using a slow process of desensitization and brainwashing. Joseph Kony is clearly aided by demonic help. He has supernaturally eluded capture. We are going to cry out in prayer for his capture and for the ending of the “Lord’s” Resistance Army.


Oppressive Regimes – Thursdaynorthkorea

After World War II, Korea was divided into two countries. The south is a democracy ruled with freedom, but the north is an oppressive totalitarian regime. The nation is forced to worship their “great leader” Kim Jong-un. Those who are believed to resist are forced into concentration camps. Most of North Korea’s citizens are some of the poorest in the world with frequent famines claiming their lives. We are praying Thursdays for freedom for those under the iron fists of oppressive regimes.

Sanctity of LIFE – Fridaysilentprayer

Worldwide abortion claims the lives of over 50 million babies a year. God desires to reach down from on high and rescue babies. A prayer movement has swept across our nation to end abortion. Because of the increase of prayer, abortion has decreased by over 900 babies a day. In addition, a recent gallop pole states that 50% of Americans call themselves Pro-LIFE. God is changing the hearts of our nation. On Fridays, we will focus our prayers on the ending of abortion, adoption, orphans, and the sanctity of marriage.

Persecuted Church – Saturday

More than any other time in history, an average of 171,000 Christians are martyred each year. Paul told the Colossians, “remember my chains” (Colossians 4:18). We want to take Saturdays to remember our brothers and sisters who are persecuted by praying for strength and endurance.

My Role – Sanctity of LIFE Teamlifeteam

I am serving on the LIFE team gathering information for Friday’s Sanctity of LIFE prayer focus. We are seeking to inspire intercession for LIFE through providing information to those who are praying.

Answer to Prayer – LRA Leader Caught!

Since we began our prayers at the beginning of the month, we have already had one of our first answers. The senior commander and top military strategist of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Caesar Acellam, was captured on Saturday. He is the highest-ranking officer to be captured in the army’s 25-year history. Praise God! Prayer is the only solution to injustice on the earth!

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