Families United in Worship Will Open Up the Heavens

Jeremiah worshiping up front with Daddy at the Onething Conference

Lately, Jeremiah has enjoyed listening to a particular worship song, “Here’s My Heart” by David Crowder. He can’t get enough of it. We will put it on our TV in the living room and when it is over he often cries until we restart it. Some kids like watching cartoons but at this point those don’t really interest him. He wants us to put on worship videos. Honestly, there are times lately that I want to watch a TV show but Jeremiah wants worship! On the way to Hope City on Tuesday, I told Jeremiah, “Just for you today I’m going to sing ‘Here’s My Heart’.” The young lady we were giving a ride to said he clapped his hands and had an excited look on his face. Sure enough in the first cycle I started singing “Here’s My Heart” and Theresa said he put down what he was doing clapped his hands and started walking towards the front of the room. There he and Theresa stood almost the whole time worshiping with me. It was powerful. The anointing of the Holy Spirit fell in the room with a powerful devotional spirit that I believe was largely because my family was in unity worshiping Jesus! From there we cried out for our families that God would restore them with His power.

We believe that the inner cities of America are meant to sing of Jesus’ beauty!

We know and believe that worship and prayer changes cities and nations! That is why Theresa and I are giving ourselves to this ministry. In weakness, oftentimes with just 3-4 of us on stage we are fighting for the inner city praying for families to be strengthened, for historic revival to touch the inner city, for Israel, and for freedom for the drug addict. In addition, God has opened doors for Theresa and I to disciple those on our team. In fact, my team is our primary pastoral responsibility at Hope City.

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