Supreme Court Denies Re-Opening Roe vs. Wade

image001-3I must sadly report that February 22nd the Supreme Court Justices announced with no comment the denial of Norma McCorvey’s (the Roe of Roe vs. Wade) Writ of Certiorari to re-open Roe vs. Wade. Allen Parker, McCorvey’s Attorney, said, “It is tragic and disappointing that the Court is not willing to consider the aftermath of 32 years of abortion and its devastating affect to women, their families, and our culture. We have a thousand more witnesses than did the original Roe case in 1973. We submitted over 5,000 pages of evidence…We find it sad and tragic that their voices have been rejected…We will continue to tell America and the courts that abortion hurts women. We will not give up. We will continue to seek justice.” We must cry out for the mercy of God on America and set forth a “moral outcry” over the holocaust of abortion in our nation!

Drop in Crime Around IHOP Missions Baseimage002-2

Last month the local Kansas City FOX News Affiliate reported that there has been a drop in crime in the neighborhoods around the International House of Prayer. Amazingly, the Kansas City, Missouri police department credit IHOP for the drop in crime!image003-1 At IHOP, we truly believe that night and day prayer pushes back darkness. It is good to see even the secular media standing back in amazement at what the Lord is doing as we pray!

Leading Worship in the Night Watch

image004Last Friday at midnight I led my first intercession set at IHOP. Last week we were in the middle of one of our conferenc es. Upon coming on the stage I looked out to see about 800 or so people in the room! God gave me grace and I just shut my eyes and really, to be honest, didn’t think about it again. I sang the worship song “Amazing Love” and really felt a grace to just worship the Lord. Most of the 800 people left eventually but some of them stayed and worshiped. It was so awesome to lead many into the presence of the Lord and, then, later in the set, help them intercede for our nation. I am now an Associate Worship Leader on the Night Watch and will be leading every Friday at midnight.

Fire in the Night Internship

image005We just completed our January-March track of Fire in the Night. Last night was filled with many sad good byes and joyful remembrances of how these young adults’ lives have been changed. I am excited that in a week we will have a new group of interns coming in and I will see it happen again. Praise the Lord! During this track I will be praying individually over many of them every night.

New Ministry Web Site

Last month I finished my new ministry web site. This web site has been in the planning stages for almost three years now. The main emphasis is to provide teachings on Intimacy with God, Bible Study, Prayer, Justice, the End of the Age, and the Night Watch. In addition, I have an online store with resources from IHOP and capability to give gifts online with a bank draft or a credit card.

Thank you again for prayers and financial support. You are making prayer in the night possible!

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