Scouting Mission Trip to Haiti

1. Croix des Bouqets, Haiti

The Rock House of Prayer

Our trip began in Croix des Bouqets, Haiti, a rural town outside of Port au Prince. Gary Hyppolite, a Haitian American, started the Rock House of Prayer over nine years ago. Five days a week, they begin at 4am, take a break from 6-8am and then continue 8am-6pm. His Haitian staff members keep intercession and worship for over sixty hours a week.

We encouraged his staff teaching Harp and Bowl and some of the values that have kept 24/7 prayer alive in Kansas City for the past fifteen years. We did hands on training helping them work together as a team in their prayer meetings.

Teaching Children on Prayer

Gary operates a school with about 380 children. He has offered free education there since 2006. We took time with the children to teach them a practical method to study the Bible: sing it, say it, pray it, write it. It was amazing at the end when one of the Haitians who sings in the house of prayer modeled for us how to “sing it”.

On our last day, we got to visit an orphange. It was a difficult experience seeing the terrible conditions these kids live in.
On our last day, we got to visit an orphange. It was a difficult experience seeing the terrible conditions these kids live in.

2. Léogâne

Meeting Jeff- My Former Compassion Sponsor Child

One of the highlights of the trip for me (Jonathan) was seeing my former Compassion sponsor child, Jeff. After Jeff left the program when he was 18, we lost touch. However, this past January he found me on Facebook. Since that time we have been using Google Translate to communicate. Unfortunately, since I last saw him, his father has died. Since his mom died a few years ago, he is now an orphan.

We stopped on the side of the road in Léogâne, on the way to Moulllage, and I was able to spend a half hour with him catching up. He doesn’t have a job right now. I want to see him get job training so he can make money as a twenty year old. I am working with Gary to get him in his trade school. I’ll be letting you know in the next few months how you can partner with us in that!

3. Mouillage

Evangelism / Sowing Seeds for a New House of Prayer

After driving all day, we finally arrived in the south in the village of Mouillage. There, Pastor Gary is building a trade school and a second house of prayer. When we arrived he showed us his school and took us to see the well that the people of the city drink out of. The water is so salty that it makes the village sick. Gary desires to pump water down from the mountain to provide water for the village.

That night, we showed the movie “Son of God” in French. One young man received Jesus! Theresa and Pastor Gary led him in prayer to give His life to Jesus. Afterwards, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to be active in His life. On our last day there, we prayed and worshiped on the ground he is planning on planting his new “Southgate House of Prayer”.

4. Plesans

Sharing Jesus Deep in the Mountains

Pastor Gary had been encouraging a pastor and his wife in the remote village of Plesans. After hours of driving we picked the pastor and his wife up. From there we went an hour and a half more up the mountain. Gary’s vehicle had trouble making it up it was so windy and steep. We finally made it there safely.

Plesans is held by much Voodoo witchcraft. We led worship and preached in a small church. We were amazed by how beautiful this area of Haiti is. Everywhere, there were trees and plants with fresh fruit growing—bananas, coconut, coffee beans, pineapple, mangos. We long that this area would see the power of God!

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