22 Day Silent Prayer Siege

image010Planned Parenthood, Kansas City

Another Silent Siege?

Back in December I went for a couple of days to visit my Grandfather and to minister at his church in a small Texas town. During this time I was debating in my heart whether to stay in Kansas City or to go back to Washington, DC and join the intercessors praying silently in front of the Supreme Court. While I was there I had a dream. One of my relatives came up to me in the dream and said, “Did you hear? We’re doing another Silent Siege. Lou [Engle]…called a fast for 21 days. Everyone that’s out there is encouraged to keep the tape over their mouths.” She went on to relate to me, in essence, that it wasn’t a time for recreation, but that this fast and siege was serious. When I woke up I talked to the Lord about the dream. I felt Him say, “This is another silent siege and the stakes are higher.” I questioned the Lord, wondering if this was a sign from Him that I should join the intercessors standing in silent prayer for the unborn in Washington, DC with red tape over their mouths that says “LIFE”.

image011Since I do not often have dreams from the Lord, I excitedly shared my dream with Lou Engle hoping it would bear some significance to him. He replied that he felt like the dream related to me personally and my carrying the burden for justice in Kansas City. I was rather embarrassed for taking his time with a personal dream.

However, in April, Stuart Greaves, the leader of the Night Watch, pulled me aside and said, “We’re doing a Silent Siege in Kansas City”. Over the next few weeks I realized this was the “other siege” the Lord had told me about months before in the dream.

Stuart asked me to lead the Night Watch’s involvement in the siege. So, I joined the leadership team of the Silent Siege representing the Night Watch.

Day 3 – Abortion Doctor Turns to God

On day three of the Silent Siege a man driving past came to talk to us. He testified to us, “I have personally murdered more than 10,000 babies!” Performing these abortions until 1979, the doctor testified, “Last July my granddaughter was born. It struck me, O my God, what have I done. I cried out to God to forgive a mass-murderer like me. I am now a born-again Christian.” He said that he stopped by to tell us that what we were doing was truly making a difference.


Day 5 – Standing in a Tornado Warning



As the Night Watch pulled in to park around 4 pm the skies were completely black. I was afraid it was going to pour! We determined that no mater what we were going to make our stand. As the winds began to pick up, thunderstorm clouds closed in on the 30 or so of us remaining. The wind was strong, but amazingly it never rained. Meanwhile, the rest of the city received quarter-sized hail and a tornado warning. About 12 of the abortion clinic workers watched us from inside as the weather got worse and worse–but our God spared us from the storm. It rained all around us, but not where we were standing. For those four hours we were cold and hungry, but we stood, more desperate than ever to see justice for the babies.

Day 12 – Mothers Turn Around


Over days 11 and 12 we witnessed four occurrences where it is likely that an abortion was prevented. In one instance a young lady went into the abortion clinic while a young man waited outside talking on the phone mocking some of us that were standing. A few minutes later she exited the building much to the man’s displeasure. Their body language suggested that he wanted her to go back in, but she was stubbornly resisting. Finally, they both got into their vehicle and drove out. As they passed us the lady smiled at us and waved. We believe that she decided to keep her child!

Day 15 – 400 Catholics Join Us


On Saturday, May 21st, over 400 Catholics came and joined us in silent prayer. It was incredible to see so many join our stand for the unborn, including the Bishop of the area Catholic churches. At the beginning of that week, Brent Steeno, the director of Bound4LifeKC, had a dream in which the Lord said that abortion will end in Kansas City. image016To confirm this word the Lord gave two signs in the dream. The first sign was fulfilled earlier in the week, and the second sign was that the media would come to the Siege by the end of the week. Sure enough, news teams from Channel 4 and Channel 9 were present to interview Brent and several others.


Day 17 – Planned Parenthood Protests Our Prayer Meetingimage017

On the 17th day about a dozen “Pro-Choice” protesters came out of the Planned Parenthood building and onto the grass area of the property. They talked amongst themselves on the lawn trying to distract us from praying. They offered us hand-out materials suggesting that we make a real difference by doing other activities like building houses for the poor, working soup kitchens or mentoring children. These were all wonderful ideas and many of us are involved in these things. However, more babies die from abortion every day in this nation than the casualties of the September 11th terrorist attack. This is an hour were we must pray and fast for the turning of this issue. They tried for about an hour and a half, but we continued in silent prayer for the unborn.image018

By 8 pm the protestors had left, and Mike Bickle, the head of the IHOP Missions Base, reminded us as we took communion, “The only thing that we know for sure from the Bible that moves angels and demons is prayer!”

Day 18 – “You were a sign to me”

On the eighteenth day a young lady drove into the parking lot. She had come to the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic to abort her baby on the advice of her mother and some others. However, she did not want to. She stopped to talk to us and told us that she had prayed for God to give her a sign if He did not want to her to abort her child. When she saw all of us silently praying, she knew that God had answered her prayer. She wept as she shared her story with two ladies on our team. We then collected an offering for her to help fund her pregnancy. One of our team leaders is following up with her.

Entering My Second Year of Prayer

image019This June, I am beginning my second year of full time prayer ministry. God has done so much this past year. In July I felt called to pray in Colorado Springs for the elections 50 days for the 50 states. From there we ended up in front of the Supreme Court standing in silent prayer for the unborn. Since November I have been praying on the Night Watch in Kansas City.

I look with anticipation at this next year of ministry. I will continue to stand for our nation and for the salvation of the nations of the earth in the Night Watch at IHOP in Kansas City.

As I enter this second year of prayer ministry would you consider partnering with me in ministry? I am in need of about $600 a month more to meet my monthly budget. In addition, because of the Silent Siege last month, the ministry I have planned for this next year, and my general living expenses I need about $1,000 in special gifts to get caught up. Please help see this ministry to the Lord and to our nation continue by praying and giving. Thank you, this ministry would be impossible without your involvement!

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