Pray for the Elderly

Last week, we received a text from the nursing home with this sign. They have now closed down the nursing home from any visitors including ministers. Please pray for the elderly during this difficult time as they are isolated from their families and from our weekly prayer and worship time we bring to them every week. It will be extremely difficult for so many of them! Also, of course, continue praying for protection over the elderly from the virus as we face this crisis.

3 Days of Focused Prayer for LIFE

My favorite moment of the three days was when a little boy prayed with understanding and authority for abortion to end. Watch the video from Laura and Jonas Park’s worship set above!

Thank you for praying for me (Jonathan) as I embraced three days of praying in every intercession set at IHOPKC (12am, 4am, 6am, 10am, 4pm, and 8pm). I love my sleep. So, I can’t tell you how much trouble with this I should have had! However, I had so much grace. The 12 am Wednesday morning was so powerful. I told the Nightwatch the story of praying for the ending of abortion in Mexico and the Mexican pro-choice governor accidently signing a ban on abortion because he was drunk! We prayed in faith for the Supreme Court that God would give us mercy and move their hearts to uphold Louisiana’s law. 

Keep praying. A Supreme Court Justice from each side has written their opinion and now each justice is deciding whether they will rule in favor of life or not. They will announce their decision sometime in July and can change their minds up until then. 

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