The Last Onething Conference

Recently, God began to speak to the leadership at IHOPKC about a “reset”. God is calling us to prioritize our call to 24/7 prayer with worship and growing together as family. In light of that, leadership has decided that this will be our last conference for the next several years. 

As the years have unfolded and busyness has consumed us, unintended gaps have developed between our heart connection with Jesus and one another. The Chinese Convergence Gathering in October helped us discern that the Holy Spirit is calling His church to leave nobody behind fighting for each and every person and voice to be included in what God is doing in this hour. We are taking a step back to focus on our own community in Kansas City so that we will be in a place to better impact our generation with this call to wholehearted abandonment to Jesus. 

Our Onething Conference will look very different this year then past years. The bookstore and booths are going to be closed during the sessions so we can focus on praying and worshiping together. The schedule will largely be flexible to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Mike has asked David Demian to help lead us into similar ministry that happened at the Convergence Gathering. I am so excited and looking forward to what God is going to do. If you can make it to Kansas City please come (and let us know your coming so we can see you)! If not, be sure and tune in as I know God’s Spirit is going to encounter us!

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