Prayer Watch 2010 National Day of Prayer Team Gather to IHOPKC

On August 26th-29th, the National Day of Prayer team will be gathering to IHOP-KC for a 66 hour Solemn Assembly crying out for our nation. In light of the current crisis in our nation, they believe that God is calling His people to stand in prayer. They want to “proclaim [Jesus’] Lordship over the nations of the earth, and ask Him to intervene to bring about His purposes in our day.” We will be hosting this prayer gathering in our prayer room. We will be streaming the event live over the internet and portions will be shown on GOD TV.

This is certainly a groundbreaking gathering. This is one of the first times that so many leaders from different segments of the body of Christ will unite in crying out for mercy on our nation. The desperate times of our nation calls us together as Joel once called Israel (Joel 2). Please join us for this prayer gathering and lets cry out for mercy on our nation!

I Was Healed! – CD Project Update

We have completed all of the music for the CD. We have now moved on to tracking vocals. We were supposed to complete the vocals last month. However, I lost my voice a few days before we were to start. I was really concerned because my sister, Kristen, was traveling all the way from Tennessee to sing on a Thursday, my song about healing, “Your God Will Come”. Wednesday night, I requested prayer from some of my friends in the Nightwatch. Suddenly the power of God touched my body and, the night before tracking the song about healing, I was miraculously healed and my voice restored! My sister and I tracked the song that afternoon with no problems and I finished out the week strong. I love God! He is so dramatic!!

Please keep me in prayer specifically Friday, August 27th 3-10pm, Saturday, August 28th, 6:30-10pm, Friday, September 3rd 3-10 pm. Pray for a prophetic spirit especially as I track a two-minute spontaneous part to Mighty Warrior.

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