Our Prayers Travel – The Power of Intercession Transcends Geography

Recently I (Theresa) have been reading the devotional book, “Quiet Talks on Prayer,” by S.D. Gordon. This little book has sparked fresh vision for the power and necessity of prayer. Our prayers can travel and go places even when we cannot. For example, if we spend 30 minutes in prayer for the nation of Haiti, it is the same as if we were a missionary or a preacher in Haiti. Furthermore, using this example, our prayer may be the fuel that encourages that weary pastor to be strengthened again to preach with authority in his Haitian congregation and our prayers may be what softens that young Haitian man’s heart to say yes to Jesus and be delivered from darkness. Every time we pray, God moves on behalf of our voice. God loves to hear our voices and is eager to answer our prayers.

Our recent block party outreach was an amazing success! Giving away dozens of bikes to children, baptizing many, giving out hundreds of groceries, and free haircuts the neighborhood saw the love of Jesus in action!

Several weeks ago at Anna Club, our weekly local nursing home prayer meeting, one of our regular attenders prayed for President Trump to be careful and selective with his words. A few days later, on the evening news the newscaster said the same exact phrase this woman had prayed just a few days earlier to indicate President Trump was careful and selective with his words on a particular matter. We told our Anna Club group the following week what we heard on the news and they were all encouraged that they are shifting the atmosphere and really changing things in our nation and the nations of the earth through their prayers, even if many of them may never leave that building.

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