Leading South Korea & Egypt in Prayer

2,000 Attend an IHOP Conference in South Korea

Night Watch Linked to Thousands at Recent Prayer Conferences

Last month many of the Night Watch prayer meetings were linked with gatherings of believers in both South Korea and Egypt. In South Korea, IHOP held a prayer conference that about 2,000 attended. During the conference, prayer meetings from the Night Watch via our new high-quality webstream called The Prayer Room were projected onto large screens. During the same time, in Egypt, IHOP held conferences in Alexandria and Cairo. Attendees connected live to our worship sets in the middle of our night during the middle of their day.

Koreans Worshiping During IHOP's Conference

I led worship for several of these sets. Last month, I don’t think I even really comprehended what I was doing. I simply came in for my normal routine of leading worship, but the overwhelming majority of the people I was leading were neither in the room nor even in the Western World. When I was sixteen years old after traveling by canoe to an un-reached people group deep in the dark jungles of Panama, God gave me a dream of being a part of fulfilling the Great Commission by going to the nations of the earth as a missionary. Last month, I led worship internationally in South Korea and Egypt and thousands were potentially touched–all without even traveling. I would never have imagined how God would fulfill my dream as sixteen year old! God truly is giving us the responsibility of leading the world in prayer.

Infamous Abortion Clinic Shut Down After Silent Siege

In Wichita, KS over 500 gathered for a Silent Prayer Siege hosted by Bound4LIFE and Operation Rescue outside of infamous abortion doctor George Tiller’s clinic. They also worshiped and prayed prayers of repentance on loudspeakers across from the clinic. The siege was a part of the Summer of Love Tour that began at The Call in Nashville and will end in San Francisco praying for another Jesus Movement in our nation.

Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe v. Wade stands outside the clinic in prayer

By God’s mercy, since that Silent Siege there have been no more abortions at Dr. George Tiller’s Clinic! It has been shut down now for an unprecedented three weeks!! Thanks be to God. He has heard so many of our cries for the unborn to be rescued! Dr. Tiller is being brought up on nineteen criminal counts. If convicted, he could loose his medical license and go to prison for up to nineteen years. He is being charged for violating a Kansas state law requiring an unaffiliated doctoral consent for aborting a baby that can survive outside of the womb. Dr. Tiller is a particularly wicked abortion doctor. Since his clinic specializes in late term abortions, people come from all over the nation to abort their babies. Dr. Tiller attends a local church and has a chaplain on staff that can baptize the babies after they are aborted. I believe he is a very wicked man that desperately needs to be stopped. Let’s ask God to intervene mightily and that this evil abortion mill will stay closed. Let’s also pray that Dr. Tiller’s heart would turn to the Lord. Jesus loves him so much and longs for Dr. Tiller to turn to Him and experience love and salvation in His arms!

Some text in the South Korea and Egypt story above was taken from Richard Liantonio. Abortion Clinic story photos above taken from Operation Rescue.

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