We Got Our Mini-Van! Right in Time For…

When we were looking for vehicles Jeremiah got into this one and started running all around it! All the other ones he hated 🙂 We love our new van!

We are thrilled that we were able to get a 2017 Toyota Sienna Mini-Van! We ended up finding an incredible deal. It is basically a new vehicle with only 58,000 miles on it. We never dreamed that we would be able to get something this new. Thank you so much for making this possible! It is amazing that you believe in our ministry this much.

It has already made a big difference in Theresa being able to engage more in ministry now that she has her own vehicle. We also were blessed to be able to bring all of our own things on this last ministry trip not having to borrow from other people because of not having space in the vehicle.

Caleb wearing the same promoted to big brother shirt that Jeremiah wore when he announced that he was a big brother.

Now it’s Caleb’s Turn to make an announcement!

This van could not have come at a better time. We were totally surprised and delighted to find out our family is growing! Baldwin baby #3 is due to arrive in late April. I don’t know what we would have done without this vehicle. Thank you for giving!

Jeremiah last summer wearing the same shirt.

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