Silent Prayer Siege

How We Pray for the Unborn

During a silent siege we pray in silence outside of an abortion clinic standing for the unborn in the womb whose voices cannot be heard. Sometimes we are asked how we keep engaged in prayer while standing in silence week after week.

One main thing that keeps our hearts sustained is focusing on Christ praying for the light instead of praying against the darkness. Our hearts are uplifted when we look on the beautiful God Man Jesus, for without Him we would become too weighed down by all the injustice around us.

Momma has had to sit lately as we pray at the clinic due to her feet swelling! We love praying for LIFE
Momma has had to sit lately as we pray at the clinic due to her feet swelling! We love praying for LIFE

Taking time right at the beginning of a silent siege to ask God what is on His heart helps immensely. Praying outside the actual abortion clinic gives us a unique opportunity to see people coming in and out of the building. We not only pray for the babies in the womb, but also for God to transform the hearts of the women, fathers of the children, parents or family members of the woman, doctors, nurses, administrators or office workers, the security workers, and even the people who honk their horns or yell at us as they drive by. We pray for salvation, for a revelation of who God is and what He is like, and also for revelation of the precious life in the womb. We pray for open doors and help for the women who may find themselves in difficult circumstances with seemingly no help or way out.

Supreme Court Overturns Pro-LIFE Law in Texas

The Supreme Court just ruled against the Pro-LIFE law that many of us fought to pass in Texas in July 2013. The law sought to bring up the safety standards in clinics and require doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. Many abortion clinics in Texas decided to close their doors rather then make their clinics safer in the few years it was in effect. This is a big blow for women’s safety and the unborn. We are resolute. We will continue to fight for both the unborn babies and the women who are being destroyed by abortion in our nation.

BABY Registry!

Many have asked if we have what we need or if we are registered anywhere for our baby. We do still need quite a bit including some larger items. We are registered at Amazon and Target if you would like to join us in preparing for the soon arrival of our baby boy! Gift cards or money are also appreciated to help get the larger items.

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