Summer of LIFE 2009

plannedparenthoodStarting June 1st for six days a week through the summer, we will be praying in silence at the largest abortion provider in Kansas City, Planned Parenthood. At least fifty babies loose their lives at this clinic every week. We will pray Monday-Friday from 2:45-5 pm and others will pray on Saturday from 9-11 am (I will be sleeping!). I am excited about what this summer will hold for us as we stand with Jesus for LIFE.meprayingsupremecourt

In 2005, we prayed for 22 days in front of this clinic. Hundreds joined us from all over Kansas City to take a stand before the Lord crying out for the ending of abortion. Since that time, I have led a Friday Silent Prayer Siege almost every week. One of the most enjoyable parts of leading this siege has been the Fire in the Night interns that would joins us from all over the world. My great joy over the past four years has been seeing God give many people the same burden He has given me for the little ones. Many have exploded with passion in the prayer room after standing in front of this clinic. Some have returned to their hometowns following Fire in the Night and started their own Bound4LIFE chapters. Others have taken this message to the ends of the earth as missionaries overseas. Others still have gone back to their college campuses standing with Jesus as faithful witnesses for LIFE. I know that this summer will be no exception.siegegroup

Please Pray for Us!

  1. Pray for the Lord’s protection over us. The environment has been increasingly hostile towards us (even though all we are doing is standing completely silent). Many have been passing by cursing us and yelling things like, “I just killed my baby”.
  2. Pray for those of us on the Nightwatch. Since we don’t get to bed until about 7 am, 2:45 pm will come really early every day! Ask for the Lord grace on our bodies.
  3. Bound4LIFE KC Leadership Team
  4. Pray for many who stand with us to get touched by the Lord’s heart for the babies.
  5. Finally, pray for the Lord to turn the hearts of men and women as they pass by us to go into the clinic.

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