Local Planned Parenthood Shutdown

Standing for LIFE with Young Adults

Over the last several years, Theresa and I have both participated in what we call a silent siege. We pray for life outside of abortion clinics in silence with a red piece of tape over our mouths with the word, LIFE, written on it. We stand in silence identifying with the thousands of unborn babies who have no voice.

Recently, one of the Fire in the Night interns asked me (Jonathan) if I had red tape. I responded, “of course!” Over the past few weeks we have stood in the prayer room with red tape over our mouths that says, “LIFE” on it. I have stood on many occasions in front of the Supreme Court, abortion clinics and the Texas State Capitol. Though man might not hear our voices, God does and is moving because we are praying! We believe that Jesus will rescue unborn babies, because He delights in them (Psalm 18).

Local Planned Parenthood Shutdown

After many years of prayer, the closest Planned Parenthood to our house and the prayer room is now shut down! A few years ago, the Women’s Clinic, a crisis pregnancy center we have served with moved in right next to them. Planned Parenthood’s services are no longer needed in the area as the church has risen to meet the needs of women with unexpected pregnancies.

Texas Abortion Restrictions Pass Courts

In July of 2013, I (Jonathan) stood in the Texas State Capitol with over 400 other Pro-LIFE people in silent prayer crying out for a sweeping abortion restriction to become law. Amazingly, the law has now passed the lower courts and now half of the forty-one clinics in the state are shut down. We are now waiting to see if the Supreme Court will step in. Please keep Texas in prayer that the clinics would stay closed and that our nation would welcome LIFE.

Update on Texas

Unfortunately, after writing this update, the US Supreme Court issued a stay temporarily keeping key provisions of this law from going into affect while they consider the case. Please pray as the Supreme Court considers this case that LIFE would prevail!

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