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prayingforsongs-1Over the past few years, God has gripped my heart to write songs that would end abortion in America. In 2004, I traveled with Lou Engle on the “Trail of Tears”, a prayer journey that ended in silent prayer in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, DC. On this journey, we stopped in Cincinnati, OH at the home of Harriet Beecher Stowe. During the time of the Civil War, she wrote the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin. When Abraham Lincoln met her he looked at her and said, “So you’re the little woman that started this great war!” While at her house, we prayed in her backyard (at the top of the page–I’m on the far right) crying out for God to move through books, movies, songs, and the arts to end abortion in America. As I stood there praying, I cried out to the Lord, “give me songs that will end abortion in America”.leadingworship

Since that time I have written several songs on God’s heart for justice for the unborn. Recently, I approached a music producer at IHOP about producing a full-length studio recording with these songs and others I have written on mercy, hunger for God, healing, and the Father-heart of God. He is both a talented producer and musician that has produced many of the CDs that have come out of IHOP and plays electric guitar for worship leaders Misty Edwards and Jason Upton.

This amazing opportunity stands before me. As a missionary raising all my own support, this project requires more finances than I have! I need $10,000 to pay for the studio time, production, musicians, mixing, engineering, duplication, etc. Would you consider giving towards this project? I need gifts both large and small. (You can give online below or mail in a gift at the address below.) I also need much prayer, especially as we move towards the studio. Would you please consider making this a matter of regular prayer? I appreciate you so much! With your prayers and financial support, I know this project will be a success.

IHOPKC Teenager Gets Illness on Mission Fieldkelsey

Fourteen-year old Kelsey Hays, at the age of nine, was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune related thyroid condition. Kelsey grew up with her parents and family on the mission field for ten years in Mexico and Ecuador. While in Ecuador, Kelsey also contracted Hepatitis C. After several weeks, she fought it off successfully but it left her body susceptible to other immunological diseases.

In September of last year, they came back to the United States to IHOP in Kansas City where Kelsey began to work with our Children’s Equipping Center. Shortly thereafter, in October, Kelsey fell victim to a variety of increasingly serious illnesses. She had her gallbladder removed and during surgery, doctors noticed that her liver was scarred and infected. Later, doctors believed inflammation from the infection had entered the lining of her stomach and was attacking her central nervous system. By April, the baffled doctors were out of options. They said they could only slow down the effects of the illnesses but would not be able to stop it. She was in continual, intense, and severely crippling pain, taking up to 30 pills a day to try and manage it.

The Saturday before Easter Sunday, as the doctors made these grim pronouncements, Kelsey sat in her hospital room crying out to the Lord for the power of His resurrection. Suddenly she was in a vision. Kelsey found herself connected to an IV, standing before the Throne of God. Jesus came down and cut the IV tube and then God the Father came down, removed the IV from her hand, took off her hospital gown and said, “It is done!”

She woke up from the vision in her hospital gown in the same condition as she was previously. Though encouraged, Kelsey was disappointed and ached that on the day Jesus rose from the dead, she was still in this horrible condition.

Kelsey Healed in Lakeland, Floridalakeland

In Lakeland, Florida, recently, a healing revival has begun. People from all over the world have come and God has healed many of them. Someone at IHOP approached Kelsey’s parents with news of the revival in Lakeland and offered to pay the family’s way there. In desperation, the Hays headed to Florida in hope of a touch from God.

By the time Kelsey and her parents arrived at the convention center holding the revival in Lakeland, it was 6:00 pm. The lines of people stretching for blocks outside of the church told them that it was filled to capacity and they would not be able to get in. As they waited to get in, the Hays’ heard story after story of healings and miracles happening around the world as people watched through television and the web cast. Somehow, Kelsey and her mom, Lesley, were finally able to get in, but her dad remained outside.

Kelsey was in so much pain that she couldn’t walk. Her mother half-carried her up to the only space available in the balcony where they both began crying and worshiping the Lord. “It’s all we could do,” she said. Standing next to them was a man and woman, complete strangers. The man looked at Lesley and said, “I just saw you in a dream recently. I saw myself carrying your daughter down to the stage to get prayer.”

Even though at the time, revivalist Todd Bentley was taking testimonies from people who had been healed, the man offered to help take Kelsey down to get prayer. Lesley, unfamiliar with the type of meeting she was in, was afraid of breaking protocol and hesitated. Moments later, Todd stopped the testimonies and said, “I see someone with an IV pain drip in their left arm. Who is that?” Remembering Kelsey’s vision of standing before the Throne with her IV, her mother had the man carry her down to the stage. Todd prayed a simple prayer, touched Kelsey’s forehead, and she fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit for about 45 minutes, said Lesley.

While on the floor she was taken to Heaven. She found herself in a heavenly surgical room where Jesus stood next to her looking right down at her, directly face-to-face. He said to her, “Keep your eyes on Me, Kelsey. It’ll be okay.”

She saw angels all around her; she felt them kneading her stomach, doing a deep massage on her entire body, especially her legs and arms that had been so weak. After about 45 minutes, Todd felt the power of the Holy Spirit and saw angelic activity around her. He had some of his staff help her to stand up. Todd asked her how she felt. “I feel nothing,” said Kelsey. “I feel NO PAIN!”

Kelsey has been in NO PAIN since she experienced God’s extraordinary touch of healing! She’s feeling just like a 14-year old girl should feel.

Nightwatch Contends in Prayer for Signs and Wonderskelseyparents

We have been contending in prayer for the release of signs in wonders. Throughout last month, we felt like Jesus Himself was asking us to partner with Him focusing most all of our prayer on healing. Several nights we left our usual routine praying straight through from midnight to six. We believe that God wants to pour out His Spirit in Kansas City and all over the nation.

In Lakeland, Todd Bentley, upon hearing that Kelsey was from Kansas City, thanked IHOP saying that the revival would not have happened without 24/7 prayer going forth in Kansas City. He further prophesied that healings are going to break out in Kansas City next with the children. He also said that Kelsey was going to take it back with her.

We had a special service at IHOP for Kelsey to share her testimony, pray over our children and pray for the sick. It was a powerful night of both the presence of the Lord and even impartation, I believe. I know God has amazing plans for children, especially, in this time.

Some portions of Kelsey Hays story taken from Breaking Christian News.

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