Silent Siege: Planned Parenthood Overland Park, KS

May 7th-28th Bound4LIFE, Kansas City will be doing a Silent Siege in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Overland Park, KS. Just like at the Supreme Court last year, many from all over Kansas City will stand and pray in front of this clinic with red tape over their mouths that says LIFE from 8 am-8 pm. This will be the first Silent Siege in front of an abortion clinic. Many with Bound4Life are feeling that this could be a flashpoint for our nation and the pro-life movement. As we stand in front of this clinic we will be praying that the Lord would shut down the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic and that He would end abortion in America. We are also calling the Kansas City area to a 21 day fast. Many at IHOP will be participating in this fast.

Amazingly, the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is right off of Roe Avenue. This is quite interesting considering the infamous case that originally made this murder of children legal in our nation.

Lately I have started to consider some of the things we will be facing during this Silent Siege.  It could be much more severe than the Supreme Court Silent Siege. As we stand real babies will be being murdered inside. This is unthinkable to me. Real women will pass by us preparing to or having already committed abortion. Many of them will certainly be angered by our presence; however, others I hope will turn to the Lord as we pray and the precious baby inside of their womb could be saved from murder.

Alread y, there has been a response in the community behind the Silent Siege. Many Catholic and Protestant churches have expressed interest in praying with us.


I am leading the Night Watch’s involvement with the Silent Siege. Many of our Night Watch staff will join Bound4Life from 4-8 pm. Many of the interns in Fire in the Night will also be praying. At IHOP in the Night Watch we will focus much of our prayers on this clinic and for the ending of abortion in our nation.

Personal Calling

I know the Lord is calling me to this issue in a very personal way. A few weeks ago I was sent a link to a web site with pictures and video of aborted babies taken out of trash cans in Houston. It also had a video called “The Silent Scream” of an ultra-sound taken during an abortion. Needless to say these videos and photos have convicted my heart in a new way of why I must pray for the unborn. During these 21 days I am going to study what the Bible has to say about abortion and research abortion. I am asking that during this time Jesus would give me a voice on this issue.

Thank you again for your continued prayer and financial support. It is allowing the voices of the voiceless to be heard as we pray “even in our silence”.

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