Help a Haitian Young Man Get Job Training Becoming Self Sufficient

IMG_0616Seventeen years ago, when I was sixteen, I attended a youth conference and saw a picture of a six year old Haitian boy, Jeff, at a booth for Compassion International. The Holy Spirit told me to sponsor him. I kindly told Him that I didn’t have a job and that I had no money to do that. The Lord told me, “I will provide for it every month just do it.” From there, I was amazed as month after month God provided the small amount of money that was a large amount at the time.

Since that time, because of my regular work in Haiti, I have been able to visit with Jeff three times and Theresa has been able to once. After he finished up the Compassion program, we lost contact. However, two years ago, he reached out to me over Facebook. We have been in regular contact ever since. My heart has broken for him as I’ve seen a young man with so little chance. In fact, both of his parents have passed away. Lately, he has been calling me papa and Theresa mom. We do really care for him. My dream for him most of all is that He would know the deep love our Father has for him! I also dream that Jeff would be self-sufficient. I want him to find a career that would provide for his own needs. I don’t want to send him money over Western Union. I want him to make money for himself and be a part of reversing the problem of Haiti’s dependence on American missionaries.

Last year, a Haitian man, Chris, completed our Fire in the Night Internship at IHOPKC. During that time, we became good friends. When he heard about Jeff, he wanted to help. We called him together on the phone and Chris has been in his life ever since. Chris has worked for a ministry in Haiti that specializes in discipleship for young men. He arranged for transportation for Jeff to get to this ministry. Jeff now has the opportunity to get job training, discipleship, and mentoring by Haitian leaders at this ministry. However, we need resources both to cover his expenses and pay for school. We need about $4,800 to cover his first year. Will you partner with us (also contact us letting us know the gift should be designated for that purpose) helping to see this young man get trained in a career and mentored in his faith for this next year? Thank you so much for standing behind us in what He has called us to!

Laboring in Prayer for Every Nation,

Jonathan & Theresa Baldwin

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