Praying for the Sick & Oppressed in the Inner City

For the past two years, I’ve been working in the healing rooms with Lee Harms learning how to pray for the sick and those under demonic oppression. I am so thankful for all that God has set free!

For the past two years, I (Jonathan) have been able to join Lee Harms and his team seeing the sick healed and those oppressed with tormenting spirits set free. We regularly see sick bodies healed! Back pain, joint problems, and stroke effects are just some of the things I have personally seen the Name of Jesus have power over as we simply obey Jesus laying our hands on the sick. I have been a part of this type of ministry for the past 15 years of being at IHOPKC but this season I have really been discipled in praying for the sick from someone who has been doing it for many, many years.
Before I joined Lee, I had no idea how critical the deliverance piece was to Hope City’s drug rehabilitation program. Many who are trapped in drug addiction also have corresponding demonic oppression that keeps them under its power. With great care, and deep respect for the dignity and worth of everyone who comes in (we don’t yell at people as you might see in some places for example), we take them through a process of deliverance. Without this aspect of our ministry, I know that many would remain in bondage to drug addiction. Lee’s ministry usually begins in our short 15-minute time where Lee offers for them to go deeper in a longer ministry time. They have seen many give up drug addiction permanently after the freedom that happens when, with their will, they give eviction to the oppression of the enemy in their lives.

Baby Coming Soon!

We are excited to bring another boy into the world this April. We are looking forward to raising our three boys in the house of prayer worshiping Jesus and serving the poor. We do have some specific needs including another car seat and more cloth diapers. If you’d like to give, check out our Amazon Baby Registry or send us a special gift letting us know on the card that it is for the baby.

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