Musical “As in the Days of Noah” is a Success

Japheth (played by me) & his family celebrate his new marriage
Japheth (played by me) & his family celebrate his new marriage

Three evenings and an afternoon, after months of rehearsing, we presented our musical “As in the Days of Noah”. I was amazed at the power of the arts to impact people in a way that nothing else can. We presented a difficult message showing the wickedness of Noah’s generation. The attendees left, with clear parallels, considering the wickedness of our own generation and encouraged by Noah’s example to persevere in holiness while preaching the message of God’s coming judgment if men do not repent. It was a sobering yet hopeful production.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below! Thank you so much for being a part of my ministry through praying and giving. Together we are impacting the hearts of people.

Mission Trip to Haiti Canceled

Right- Very angry at the work site as Amasa (played by Jon Rizzo) criticizes my father and his “foolish” undertaking of building a boat

I have sad news. I just found out that, due to circumstances outside of my control, my mission trip to Haiti in January has been canceled. I am disappointed mostly because I miss the friends that I made in my 2½ months in Haiti. Also, I was looking forward to worshiping with the Haitians who worship Jesus so extravagantly. However, I trust Jesus’ leadership and know that I will be able to go back to Haiti.

Top right- getting beat up at the work site as criticism turns in to violence. This was always an exciting scene. I got really worked up doing it!

Left- comforting Japeth’s wife on the boat as her family and all of humanity drowns below. This was a sobering scene for me. I never considered that all of Japheth’s wife’s family drowned in the flood.

Right- the cast of “As in the Days of Noah”. We really became a family by the end of the production. It was so fun working with so many talented yet humble people

Left- The final scene, “He will be praised from the rising of the sun to the going of the same/He will be worshiped and loved by all men.” The musical ended with hope as the earth was repopulated and we sang of the coming day when all who choose Jesus will live forever with Him.

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