Announcing Jeremiah James Baldwin

IMG_1486 On July 4th early in the morning, we awoke to Theresa’s water breaking. Our little boy was ready to come! However, what followed made us realize that Theresa’s body was not quite ready. Through 40 hours of extremely intense, induced labor we finally had our son on July 5th at 6:02 pm. He was born 5 weeks premature weighing 4lbs, 15 oz and 18 inches long. He is so beautiful!

Prayers Needed for Our Little Preemie!

Because of being premature, he is having trouble eating. Photo- Grace Baldwin Media

IMG_2149Today, on Tuesday, July 19th, we are still in the hospital. His lungs miraculously work wonderfully with no issues whatsoever (often this is not the case for babies born at this stage). However, eating has been difficult for him. He runs out of energy very quickly as he sucks the bottle or at the breast. They will not release him until he is gaining weight and eating consistently.

They have given us tonight to take him into our hospital room and are observing him every three hours at feedings. Please pray! We are exhausted and want to get him home. Though we are thankful that Jeremiah is as healthy as he is, we need him to eat. Please pray for strength for this little guy that even tonight he would eat consistently and gain weight.

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