Solar Eclipse 2017

I took a time lapse of the Solar Eclipse. Watch it above!

With a small part of the nation, Kansas City experienced the Solar Eclipse in its totality. We took advantage of the opportunity at Hope City to reach out to our community grilling some hamburgers and watching the eclipse together. I was so amazed during the total eclipse. You could see the faint outline of the sun like a ring around the sun as 1pm turned into the middle of the night. I was moved at the amazing creation our Father has given us!

This is another perspective of the eclipse as we grilled burgers for the neighborhood during the Eclipse

Jeremiah & Theresa Hospitalized

On our way back from a ministry trip in Texas, Jeremiah began throwing up. He passed on his sickness to both Theresa and I. With the pregnancy, Theresa could not keep anything down. She ended up having to go to the hospital receiving an IV to get her fluids back up.
On Monday, after a few days of slowly improving, Jeremiah began throwing up again. We took him to the doctor who sent us to the Emergency Room at our children’s hospital in town. They got him on an IV and then conveyed their concerns to us about his weight. We ended up being in the hospital for over a week with him getting every test you could imagine. So far everything has come back negative and we are just trying to address the problem with more calories. Keep Jeremiah and Theresa in prayer!


Prayer Requests

  • Jeremiah would gain weight
  • Theresa would have a full-term pregnancy
  • Refreshing for Hope City Staff-we’ve experienced warfare. Many are weary.
After our difficult time at the hospital Jeremiah got to visit the zoo

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