Make An Impact On the Inner City

Sam’s chains were fastened around his soul from an early age like so many young men in the inner city. By 8 years old, Sam was shackled to a street gang, and the links only became longer and stronger as he grew up. Drugs, crime, and perversion were calling the shots. He was in and out of jail and felt hopeless and powerless to fight against addiction and sin. The chains were too heavy.

But 20 years into Sam’s story, Hope City opened in his neighborhood and curiosity drew him in. Even though he was still chained to sin, something there hooked his heart, and the team at Hope City began investing in him. Sam was in and out of jail, but Hope City staff would visit him, call him, and show him he was valuable. Miraculously, Sam soon gave his life to Jesus, turning to Him when another inmate challenged him asking, “Do you trust God?” Eventually he was released on house arrest, and through the Hope City Trade-Off Program, Sam was able to finish his jail sentence by completing one of the Hope City internships. For the first time – after a lifetime of brokenness – Sam opened his heart and slowly began to trust as he experienced life-changing love and acceptance from much needed male father figures. That was 7 years ago. Now Sam leads our youth ministry believing that this neighborhood will be transformed by the same love that he received.

This happens person by person every day at Hope City. We know we are right in the middle of what God has called us to do! Thank you so much for standing with us in this ministry. Thank you for saying with us that God remembers the second most dangerous neighborhood in our nation. Thank you for how you have helped us save other Sam’s from the chains of addiction. As you know, we are working on raising money for a mini-van. We have been able to raise $11,050 towards our $15,000 goal. Please keep us in prayer that we would reach this goal in the next couple of weeks in time for our ministry trips to Southern Illinois and Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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