Fighting For the Inner Cities of America

As a family, we are standing in faith that there is hope for the inner cities of America!

Praying & Worshiping on 24th Street

Every week, we are responsible for leading two of our all staff two-hour prayer meetings at Hope City. We love letting former drug addicts be a part crying out for their neighborhood and nation. Some of them have only been clean for a few days but we don’t wait to let them be a part!
In addition, we lead two Worship with the Word meetings where we teach the Word in song. One of them is our first meeting of the week at 8am on Mondays. Every week is a fight to set the culture for the coming week. In addition, we lead the noon set on Wednesdays while we are feeding the neighborhood.

Building a Structure for Revival

Three months ago, Ray & Lisa Stribling (Directors Hope City KC) asked us to start a home group for many of the staff and leaders of Hope City. We believe that God has spoken over our city (and many others) that we will see historic revival. Sometimes I believe that when we are waiting on God, He is actually waiting on us! We’ve decided that we are going to get ready with practical steps to prepare for many salvations. What if so many people respond to God and there is no one to disciple them? We are making plans to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Anna Club: Calling the Elderly to Prayer

Every Wednesday from 3-4pm elderly men and women are finding a purpose and serving you and our entire nation with prayer. They are a part of a prayer movement that transcends age and health. God is going to fill the nursing homes of America with cries of intercession!

Fighting Abortion: The Moral Outcry

We are calling 1 million people to petition the Supreme Court to end abortion. Since 1973, over 60 million babies have been killed by abortion. It’s time for justice to roll down like mighty waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. It’s time for the Supreme Court to hear the case of 3,500 babies a day that are killed legally in our nation! Thank you for helping us fight for those who have no voice. If you haven’t yet, sign the petition today!

Onething Conference 2017

Jermiah’s first Onething Conference
Jeremiah at last year’s Onething Conference. Hasn’t he grown??

December 28th-31st we will welcome 20,000 young adults for our annual Onething Conference. For many this is their oasis at the the end of the year where they find the strength to continue following Jesus in their schools, workplaces and ministries. In addition, we expect over 1 million to tune in all over the world. Please pray that God would deeply encounter many with His presence!
Theresa and I will work in our healing rooms, prophesy over those attending, and share about Hope City at our internship booth. Please pray for divine appointments for us.

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