Kansas City Abortion Clinic Faces Criminal Charges

The Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic that we do regular Silent Prayer Sieges at has been charged with 107 Criminal Counts

On October 18th the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in Kansas City was charged with 107 criminal charges. This is the clinic on Roe Ave. that we did a Silent Prayer Siege outside of for 22 days in 2005. I am overjoyed with this beginning of justice and feel that it is in direct response to prayer. The 107 counts filled by our district attorney range from 84 misdemeanor charges such as aborting viable babies (those that can survive outside of the womb) to 23 felony charges of falsifying information. If convicted, they could receive up to $100,000 in fines for each felony charge and $2,500 for each misdemeanor.

In addition, a citizen’s petition has convened a Grand Jury Investigation of this clinic on December 3rd. These charges range from trafficking aborted babies to failing to report suspected child abuse. The evidence for these charges includes taped phone conversations with clinic workers.

Lastly, a nationwide effort has been waged to take away all government funding for Planned Parenthood because of these charges in Kansas City! I find it interesting that this clinic in Kansas City could very well bring justice to Planned Parenthood nationwide. God has indeed “heard our voices even in our silence”. Thank you for fighting this battle for LIFE with me!

Prayer Covering for Haiti

I feel great anticipation as I near my twelve day mission trip to Haiti December 5th-17th. I believe that I am walking into destiny–walking into the dream that God placed in my heart when I was sixteen.

As I go, I am in great need of a prayer covering. Haiti is not a typical mission trip. It will be very difficult for our entire team. We will likely face spiritual, physical, and emotional trials that most of us have never faced before. We are seeking to raise a 24/7 Prayer Covering while we are in Haiti. Would you consider committing to pray for us for an hour or more during this trip? Thank you again! You are a critical piece of this mission trip!

Pastor Gets Shot at His Church

A few weeks ago we got a disturbing report from our contact in Haiti. He had secured a location for our Pastor’s Conference at a church in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. However, the pastor of that church has been shot in his church foyer! We are certainly praying for his family and the church. Obviously, our contact feels that this is no longer a safe location for our conference. Just this week, God miraculously came through with a location only a block from the mission we are staying at! This location will be much safer and easier on the team.

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