Jackie Pullinger Spends Time at Hope City

People came with so much expectation! It was fun pouring out our hearts in worship.
People came with so much expectation! It was fun pouring out our hearts in worship.

In 1966, Jackie Pullinger booked a one-way boat ticket around the world from England with faith believing that God would show her which county to serve Him in. Upon landing in Hong Kong, she began ministering in “the walled city” to drug addicts. She had faith to believe that God could instantly deliver drug addicts. Jackie has seen many set free. Her ministry is continuing to this day in Hong Kong where she sets drug addicts in a family environment to see their process of rehabilitation guided by the power of the Holy Spirit. (www.ststephenssociety.com)

We were blessed to have her spend time with our leadership team and then tell her story at our Monday night church service. ​We loved hearing about the move of God that happened as she simply fed the hungry. It gave us faith to believe that our inner cities in American can be transformed just like they were in Hong Kong. Her insight from years of pastoral ministry imparted so much as we move forward building a structure for revival.

Me & my buddy Tom helping to put a new door in the briefing room

Redesigning the Stage

Recently we undertook a project to redesign our prayer room stage. We added several feet to enable a platform for speaking and praying and we added a door leading directly out of the briefing room. It was fun taking the skills I have learned in construction as I have worked on my house and put them to use for ministry! The final outcome looks amazing.



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