Hope City Launching TV Show

Jesus’ leadership is always perfect. The skills we worked hard to develop that we think we’ll never use again come back around to be useful for His glory.

Hope City is going to produce a television broadcast portraying the work of authentic Christianity called Inner City Cry. The purpose of this broadcast will be to show first hand to the nation the plight of the poor in the inner cities of America, which has a devastating impact on the nation as a whole.

There is an untold number of miraculous stories to be shared from Hope City. Two weeks ago, two young men shared their testimonies of being delivered from extreme criminal lifestyles and all the legal troubles that went with it. We watched as their Judges became first-hand witnesses of the amazing turn around of people who have come through our doors.

Lisa Stribling (director of Hope City) has asked me (Jonathan) to help with the messaging of the show because of my years at IHOPKC. Also, because of my media background before I went in to ministry, I will be helping with videography and editing too. Theresa and I are excited but also sobered at how this will impact our ministry. Both Theresa and I were at IHOPKC when GOD TV began broadcasting the prayer room. It is amazing what God can do through us out in the nations but on the other hand, it can be very disruptive to the community. Keep our young ministry in prayer that God would protect our hearts through the roller coaster of the praise and criticism of man.

Jeremiah and his new best friend- President Harry S Truman.

President Harry Truman Museum

Recently, our Hope City home group visited the President Harry S Truman Presidential Museum. It was amazing to see how he stuck his neck out for Israel because “it was the right thing to do”. We were inspired to do the same in intercession crying out for all that is in God’s heart for this special people group in His redemptive purposes for the planet.

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