Hope & Light Are Prevailing in Haiti


Haiti Mission Trip Report

On our mission trip to Haiti, though we saw the darkness seeming to prevail and the very desperate, desolate circumstances of the Haitian people, there was an overwhelming blanket of hope and light that was greater. We were confidently assured that the threats of the enemy were empty threats, like a clatter of noise that is only a shadow. Jesus will have His inheritance in this precious nation! We were encouraged to see the answer to many of our prayers as pastors and leaders we interacted with spoke of having profound encounters with the love of God and growing in revelation of the Word this past year. There is a unique intensity and passion in Haitian worship, prayer, and works of justice. This is being joined together with a sweet tenderness of intimacy with Jesus.

Meeting Our Compassion Sponsor Child

Our sponsor child, Fabrice. Behind him are his sister and mom
Our sponsor child, Fabrice. Behind him are his sister and mom

One of the most special parts of our trip was meeting our Compassion Sponsor child who we have been sponsoring for a little over two years now. Fabrice is six and his family still lives in a small tent given to them by the government after their home was destroyed in the earthquake January 2010. Every one of his family members just happened to be outside their home when the earthquake hit. Though the building collapsed, none of his family members were killed! We believe God has a special plan and purpose for Fabrice and his family. We had the opportunity to see the Compassion center Fabrice is a part of, meet some of the staff, visit his family at his home, and take him and a few family members out to eat. It took a little while for Fabrice to warm up—though his mother told us he couldn’t sleep all night because he was so excited we were coming!—but once he warmed up, he was happy and playful. It was hard for all of us to say goodbye. We were encouraged to see the transparency and work of the Compassion International program up close and have a greater respect for this ministry.

Fabrice Picking Out His Ice Cream Flavor
Fabrice Picking Out His Ice Cream Flavor
Fabrice drinking his "favorite drink" that was likely his first time to drink (we were told he had probably only heard about it on the radio)
Fabrice drinking his “favorite drink” that was likely his first time to drink (we were told he had probably only heard about it on the radio)

Praying on the Anniversary of the Earthquake

While we were there, not only did we have a pastor’s conference and special services, we also joined with several thousand Haitians for a day of prayer and fasting on the five-year anniversary of the earthquake. Though it was a somber day of intercession for the nation, it was powerful to see the steady faith of the believers standing in faith that Jesus is victor.

Outreach Summary

Serving alongside Fishers of Men Ministries we did a lot of outreach every day:

-Church in the mountains. Fishers of Men has many church plants all over Haiti. We ministered at one in a mountain village. It was amazing to hear the children pray, worship, and learn scripture during our children’s program.

-Street Evangelism. We also got an opportunity to do street evangelism. We were able to pray for many that were sick. It was also amazing to work with the native Haitian people who do this every Saturday.

-Youth Service. We had opportunity to minister at the young adults’ service. God moved powerfully as we shared about His love for them.

-Hospital outreach. We got to witness some healings and testimonies as we laid hands and prayed for the sick.

-Radio Interview. The day before we left Jonathan was interviewed on the radio about the song they are playing that he wrote, “Hold Me”.

From Left to Right (below): 1&2) The last day we got to go to the beach! It was so fun! 3) Bon Appétit! Jonathan got to eat a fresh octopus one of the Haitians caught 4) Have you ever seen a cactus grow OUT of a tree trunk? 5) Though beautiful, the jellyfish ruined our swimming! 6) We got to spend time with some of our best friends in Haiti: Chantal & Christy!

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