Teaching Children to Sing and Play Music Prophetically

Some of my Children’s Equipping Center worship team

For the past three months, I have been leading a worship team of kids 8-13 years old. We lead worship once a month for Sunday morning children’s church. It has been really fun! The first time I led worship I was surprised. I didn’t expect the kids to be so talented. The musicians were close to the skill level of many of the musicians I have played with at IHOPKC. I have been able to come along side these kids teaching the musicians how to embrace humility flowing as a team and the singers to boldly prophesy the Word of the Lord over the other kids who come to service. It is truly a process as I watch each of them come along a little bit more every month. Please keep these young prophetic musicians and singers in your prayers.

Thousands of years ago, King David set up continual, night and day worship in a tent outside of his palace. His tent is often called the Tabernacle of David. David had 288 skillful singers (1 Chronicles 25:7) and 4,000 musicians (1 Chronicles 23:5). They were broken up in to twenty-four groups (1 Chronicles 25:8-31). The groups consisted of fathers and sons. Throughout the account of the Tabernacle, we see fathers and sons put in place together. In our community of 24/7 worship and prayer, we are doing the same thing. I am seeing the next generation equipped to one day continue the 24/7 worship and prayer that ascends to the throne of God every day in Kansas City.

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